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Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Gaming Chair Review

Playing a racing game is life for many gamers. Their day starts and ends with playing racing games. The joy you feel when you are about to finish the final lap or to overtake the other racer at the last moment of the race is heavenly. So to get the real feel when you ride your vehicle in the actual road most of the gamers started using simulators, wheels with gearbox and ABC support. They love playing manual, and it also gives them better control of their car over joystick or gaming console. When playing racing games, you need the proper gaming setup. Having the best PC gaming chair is a must. Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Simulator is one of its kinds with all the remarkable features that you could probably ask for. It’s made by OpenWheeler company who has been doing for some time now. Their gaming kits are the best in the market. It is rock solid and a combination of everything.

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Gaming Chair Review
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Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Gaming Chair Best Features:

  • Convenient for long driving session
  • Similar to real car seats.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • You can slide it forward or backward and tilt as well.
  • Fit for all gaming console or PC
  • You can mount the gear shifter any way you like (left or right).
  • Includes all the tools you require for setup.
  • This is the best long racing sittings for pro gamer. It will give you plenty of satisfaction when racing. Most importantly it almost alike real car seats & proper gear mounting option will provide you the best racing experience in a simulator achievable.

Very Adjustable – Comfy –  Compatible

If you read the customer reviews left on the page you will see how satisfied they are after buying the chair. They love this gaming chair, and they are very pleased that they bought the seat over other ones available in the market. The materials used are high quality and long-lasting. No matter you are tall or short you can adjust it easily. Also, it’s only 60 pounds linking the whole setup. The most important feature of all is very adjustable.

There is a total of 86 customer reviews, and out of 5, it got 4.7. This sums up the feedback it received from the customer and why it is the best deal.


  • The only drawback in this chair seats on the floor, no lumbar support and the pedal angle are not adjustable. Though it’s not a critical issue it might be a major one for some.

Solution: You can make a frame out of wood or from your local workshop to proper height as your gaming setup. Which won’t cost you much and also provide excellent support to the chair.

Nothing from this world can be compared to that feeling. When racing you don’t have to think about being dead, crossing speed limits, damaging your car. It’s all about winning the race. So having the OpenWheeler advanced racing seat simulator racing cockpits will be an exceptional installment to your gaming setup.

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Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Gaming Chair Review