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Skype has become one of the favorite tools of messaging for PC and Mac, both at home and in offices around the world. It is very easy to use and at the same time allows you to speak through text, voice or video with any. But when doing Skype sessions we had to take the important notes which were a bit problem but no more taking notes while talking on Skype.  So in today’s hot seat, it’s iFree Skype Recorder software for Skype.

Skype is updating it’s features every year. There are functions that have never been implemented in this tool, although many will have asked insistently. One is to record Skype calls, very useful for not having to take notes while talking. There are options for everything as we have seen previously. This time, we will see one of the simplest solutions for Windows users, iFree Skype Recorder.

iFree Skype Recorder Features

First, iFree Skype Recorder is free and compatible with Windows XP onwards. It takes up little disk space and installation is very quick and easy. Something to keep in mind is that it is focused on the audio recording of calls. Such as, it will not record the image of video calls.

iFree Skype Recorder

When you open iFree Skype Recorder for the first time, you have to give permission from Skype to work. Specifically, Skype will display a message on an orange background. It will say the irecorder.exe file requests access to Skype. Click Allow Access. That done, iFree Skype Recorder will display your Skype username and the message “Ready for recording …”.

From the main window with this tool, you can start a recording and view the history of recorded earlier (in the clock-shaped icon). When selecting a recording, you ‘ll be able to hear directly from the program. It can record Skype calls automatically. Each time you start a conversation tool for the record, although from the settings you have the possibility to switch to manual recording.

free ifree skype recorder

Another interesting option is the answering machine in text mode. When someone writes a text message and you are being absent. It will respond with the message you have written for the occasion.

Goodbye to call several times to the same person because you do not remember what is the main information to work with. With iFree Skype Recorder can record Skype calls for you to talk to your air and assured that everything said in the conversation will be saved for the future.

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iFree Skype Recorder - Record Your Skype Calls Easily