In today’s world, life is easier and better with technology. How often we wanted to buy a security camera for our safety? But didn’t find the right camera that fits all of our need. What if I tell you that FDT 7901B 720P HD WiFi Pan/Tilt IP Camera is the one with all the features that you could possibly want in a security camera. I have reviewed over 10 p2p cameras now and none of them are anywhere close to this one. If you have one of the best wifi security camera installed in your home or office then you can keep an eye on everything from anywhere around the world.

You are in the office and you need to check if anyone goes into your room or say you want to see if anyone enters your house you can do that with this one. This is wifi based so you don’t have to do wiring to get it installed. The setup is pretty easy with plug and play feature. FDT 7901B camera gives crystal clear is accessible from your mobile or your computer. Even you can save the recorded videos in the memory card or FTP location and view them later.

FDT 7901B

FDT 7901B 720P Pan Features:

  1. 70 degree view
  2. Pan, Tilt & Zoom option.
  3. Built in Mic & Extra audio jack support.
  4. Good night vision with motion alert technology & smart detection.
  5. iOS & Android App Control Feature.
  6. HD 1280 * 720p Camera Resolution
  7. IP camera with CMOS sensor.
  8. Quick & Easy setup with plug and play feature
  9. Live Streaming
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FDT Indoor Camera FD7901 Black offers a field view of 70 degrees including Pan, Tilt, Zoom features. So you can zoom at any of the specific areas to get a closer look. You can also record the sound with video by built-in mic or you can add other audio jacks for covering more area. it has an app available (FDT View) for both Apple and Android devices allowing you to view the live or recorded video feed on your device. It also has 2-way audio so that you can surprise someone if you’ve got it hidden somewhere or need to communicate with someone on the other end. It also has the latest motion detection alert feature.

The quality of the camera lens and night view is amazing even in total darkness, you have a good view. You can connect this device using Wired/WiFi (2.4ghz) – WEP, WPA, WPA2 Encryption method.

The video resolution of this camera is 1280x720p, H.264 compression based with integrated wireless IP camera with a color CMOS sensor so basically the video quality is super awesome. They have iOS app and Android app in the play store so you can download the app and use the camera from your Smartphone.  FDT camera is mainly designed for indoor surveillance so when it boots up there is no noise like the other cameras in the market and it loads up pretty quickly.


  • Both the Android app and iOS app user interface can be better. The software can be better too.
  • Can offer a bit more fisheye view.
  • The documentation can be better & Wifi range can be increased.

This ends our FDT 7901B 720P HD WiFi IP camera review. You can’t go wrong for the price and if you have checked other IP cameras available in the market then you already know no other company or model is providing so many features within this price range. I suggest you buy this camera if you just want to take a closer look at your home, kids, puppy or some intruders creating issues in the neighborhood so you can identify them easily.  If you are looking for the best of the best wifi IP camera you can rely on it. I highly recommend FDT 7901B 720P HD WiFi IP camera.

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