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best weather app

Weather is unpredictable. That is why by looking at the weather we can’t always judge whether it will rain today or the sun will get to our skin with all its heat. That is why before leaving our home to make sure we are properly dressed according to the climate.

We always depend on various weather applications that are just a click away within our smartphone. Whatever your plans are you need to know how the weather will behave because nature is full of surprises. And that is why here I came up with a list of some best weather app for Android that you can download from the Google Play Store to avoid any unwanted circumstances. In a later post, we will be writing on the best weather app for the iPhone available.

best weather app

Top 5 Best Weather App For Android Review:

1. Yahoo Weather


Without any doubt, Yahoo weather is one of the best application of its kind with impeccable interface design. You will get all the features you might look in a weather forecast app for completely free. Yahoo weather provides users with real-time weather update all around the world.

And one of the best features of this app is its tracking a particular climate situation of your favorite cities. Besides that, you will get the usual characteristics such as the weather alerts, sunset, wind, pressure and detail news of the current weather.

If you want to know how this week’s weather will be, then don’t worry at all as Yahoo weather gives you ten days weather forecast with some intriguing facts and the possibilities of rain and more. Also if you wish you can analyze how the climate will behave for the upcoming few hours. It covers everything that you would like to find in a weather forecast application. And that is why this is one of the most popular apps among Android users.

Download: Yahoo Weather

2. iLMeteo Weather


You will find so many options in weather forecasting genre apps. Certainly, in all the lists of top/ best weather forecast apps that you will find on the internet. You will see they are made of the same apps with one or two exceptions. And I can guarantee you that in all those lists you won’t find this gem which is named the iLMeteo Weather.

This app might not be quite popular as the Yahoo Weather app. But those who have used it found it quite useful. And the rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 gives us some idea. No doubt all the weather apps have the same purpose and does the same. But the great thing about this one is that it gives you quite accurate readings of the climate. Which you can’t say for many apps.

Besides being pretty accurate information the iLMeteo has some amazing use. If you love to travel or kind of an outgoing person then this app will come with great benefits. You can easily access a particular location to find out the condition. The app has classic real-time forecasting with access to webcams and satellite images. Might not have so many features but the simplicity of it makes it quite distinct from the rest.

Users can also assist the app with their report of weather to make this a more enriching experience.

Download: The Weather Formerly iLMeteo Weather

3. 1Weather


A list of best weather apps for Android will never be complete if the 1Weather app is missing from that list. This app might not have been downloaded as much the Yahoo weather app but this app has a higher rating. If you are an amateur forecaster like me then 1Weather app is the perfect match for you as I can vouch for that.

Most of the apps just provide you with the information on how the climate is behaving. But this one is extraordinary than those as you will get some interesting facts too. It is like every other weather app with the current weather report, hourly report, weekly report that consists of the wind pressure, temperature, humidity and all.

If your native language isn’t English then you don’t need to be sad as 1Weather is available in 25 different languages. So there is a good chance that you will get your weather reports in your native tongue. Surely one of the best android weather app & my favorite one.

If you are a social network addict then this app has something interesting, as it will showcase the tweets of your nearby location. Also, you can get a forecast of 12 weeks in advance too. Try this app yourself and you will never have to soak in rain going outside thinking the day will be all sunshine.

Download: 1Weather

4. AccuWeather


It is considered as one of the most successful apps predicting the weather. The is a very well designed and user-friendly app. AccuWeather is quite a traditional app with all the required features that any user would like to have in their forecasting app. Like the current weather situation and the hourly information. Also, it provides you with an alert in case of the extreme weather situation and also you can get the hold of satellite view using the Google Earth.

It is a standard weather forecasting app with high-level accurate climate prediction rate. The minute by minute weather report feature of AccuWeather is also very useful. You can download it for your Android Smartphone and if you have a smartwatch with Android Wear then you can also use it too.

It is a free app, so download now and feel the experience yourself. Though it’s a bit heavy app in the size if you ask me which is the best weather app for android then this is it for me and it’s one of the most accurate weather apps I have used.

Download: AccuWeather

5. RadarNow


As I have mentioned before, every list of best/top weather apps for Android might have 95% of the same apps and that doesn’t give the readers too many options to be fair with. So, I have tried some different apps too to make sure that I might give a more diverse option that might actually assist the readers. And doing so, I came up with a least popular weather forecasting app named the Radar Now.

It might not be as popular as the others but it does the main job for which you might need this type of app which is delivering you with the most accurate prediction of the current and upcoming weather. I am very impressed with this app because is so minimalist. Most of the apps have so much to offer but sometimes the direct and simple approach is enough. Radar Now does that pretty well.

Radar Now Standard (Free) provides animated radar, local conditions and NWS Alerts centered on your current location. The premium version will offer you more but if you need only a weather forecasting app then the free version will do the job.

Download: RadarNow From PlayStore

I hope you have found the best weather forecasting app for your Android by now. There are some other mentionable apps such as the MSN weather, WeatherBug, Weather channel to name a few. But if you are looking for the best then I will recommend you to try the above-mentioned ones. Give them a try until you find the perfect match. If you have any app that might do better than these then surely share them with us.

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