Our lives are just some series of events and in these daily events, we have to perform some certain responsibilities. To increase our productivity many people started using to do list app. Actually in a survey it’s been found that the best to do list app increases your productivity around 40%. Like doing our jobs, shopping or any other task. Sometimes remembering all these things get pretty hard. Now and then we forget something important without realizing it later.

Balancing the daily routine can get overwhelming as there is so much to do. Keeping track of everything is impossible even for the most coordinated person in the world. Do not panic thinking about missing another important meeting or whatever anymore. Now, whenever you get confused and drown in the sea of tasks you just need to reach out in our pocket. As there are so many apps to help you get organized and perform your daily to-do lists. I have tried a few apps and came up with the best ones for you to choose from.

Top 5 Best To Do List App For Android Review: Increase Productivity

1. Wunderlist

best shopping list app

Wunderlist is the way to go if you are handling such to-do list apps for the first time. This app is very user-friendly, and you will easily get the hang of it without any difficulty. The app is so great that Microsoft acquired this task management company in June 2015.  And it has been still going on strong. This is actually the best shopping list app available for Android.

As mentioned before, getting the grasp of it isn’t rocket science. Even if you’re not skilled with smartphones, you will yet be able to create your to-do list ensuring the deadlines and reminders without any outside help. Wunderlist is that simple. Besides being a regular to-do list app, you can do more with it. Like collaborating your files with your family member or a co-worker for upcoming meetings or some special occasions that you guys are attending together.

You can easily synchronize this with other devices and if you own a smartwatch that can get handy as you can check your lists without your phone.

Wunderlist is like most apps of today, as it is a freemium application. So you can get the basic features, but if you want to get the most out of it, then you have to pay £3.99 monthly. Either way, it is quite a useful app. Try it and see if you like the app or not.

Download: Wunderlist From PlayStore 

2. Google Keep

best to do list app

Google Keep, a great alternative to Wunderlist. This app isn’t just a regular to-do list app; it is more than that. Have you used the app Evernote or even heard about it? If the response is in positive, then you can picture this app quite similar to that.

For those who don’t have any notion how Evernote works, then you should know that you can use Google Keep for more than just creating lists. If you want, you can create notes, store photos, and audio recordings too. It is quite exceptional if you count these features.

And as a to-do list app, it is effective too by the way. You can keep track of your list of tasks, and when done with them you can tick them off from the list so that you don’t mix up things.  Furthermore, it has some cool features that make it quite useful. Like the one smart alert system that you can set based on your location.

This trait is very effective in situations where you are passing by a supermarket, and you completely forgot to buy groceries. In such situations the feature is practical. The app has some more amazing features that will be beneficial to your cause. Just download it and start using it.

Download: Google Keep From PlayStore

3. Todoist 

best todo list app

Where Google Keep is full of so many amazing features and all those tools, compared to that the Todoist is just a simple app. But that is the real beauty of the app.  Many users love the simplicity and opt for uncomplicated apps, and that is what this app has focused on.

Yes, Todoist is simple but not shallow. It has some practical features that are useful for users. And setting those ups and managing them is just a cakewalk. Like every other to-do list apps, you can set your top tasks, reminders, and deadlines to get them done on time. One of the most liked features of is its collaboration system. It goes nicely with other online services like the IFTTT which is quite helpful, to say the least.

Todoist is also compatible with a smartwatch which is always a good thing if you have a device of your own. You can tick off when you have completed your tasks and for that, will get points as rewards so that you get motivated. For that, you have to enable the “Karma” feature of the app.

The app also has a freemium module. So to enjoy all features, you need to upgrade to the premium version of the app paying an annual fee of £21.99. If you update, then you can store photos and sound recordings too with some more features. But if you don’t then you can still experience the key features of Todoist.

Download: Todoist From PlayStore

4. Any.do

best list app

Any.do has most of the features that you have come to know of already of the other apps that we have mentioned before it. As a to-do list app, most of them have almost identical characteristics except some exceptional ones that create their identity from the rest. This is the most downloaded and the best to do list app available out there.

Here at Any.do you can create, share and do all those typical tasks like every other app. These things don’t need to be mentioned anymore to be fair. However, we need to acknowledge its distinct way to create the list. With most apps, we have to type out our task but with this, we can create the list by speaking as it has the voice entry feature.

Now that’s something unique.  Also, there is the Any.do feature. This characteristic helps you to focus on certain tasks that need to be dealt with first. That way you can finish the prioritized tasks.

Besides all these amazing fresh attributes, if you want some more additional features then you have to meet a monthly charge of £2.29. With the upgrade, you will get more themes and numerous traits like the file attachment, location-based alert and much more.

Download: Any.do From PlayStore

5. Habitica

best grocery list app

As with all to-do list apps, the functionality of all those apps is very similar which is understandable. However, most of the apps are quite the same in the module. Not saying that the designs are the same, but they are close in many ways.

So, if you’re looking for something entirely unique, then you should better take a look at Habitica. People who used this actually says that it’s the best grocery list app available out there.

So, what makes Habitica so exclusive than others? The app is similar to any to-do list apps, but you can say it is moreover like a game than an app. The developers of the app have made it like an old school RPG game to make it more appealing to users.

Here you will create a character of your own. Then you will go through quests and involved in battles to unlock armors and obtain points like any other game. But the interesting thing is that while playing so you have to complete your list of tasks on the list to get further in the game. That way users can get their messy life organized in the real world and also their virtual life through those actions. That is brilliant, and you have to give credit to the developers of the app.

With most regular apps users might get bored and take this into account the developer of this app came up with a platform that disguised the to-do list app in an RPG game fashion. Now users can enjoy their time using the app while they are performing their daily tasks.

So, if you are tired of your old to-do list app, or you want something fun, then Habitica is a good choice.

Download: Habitica From PlayStore

I hope this article will help you to get the perfect to-do list app for your Smartphone. Here I’ve covered some variety of apps so that you can try each of them and find something refreshing every time.