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Film Making With Gimbal

With the development of technology, we see that the latest cameras get smaller and lighter. But these designs do not fulfill the problem of ergonomics. For better-quality filmmaking, it is necessary to focus on the smooth movement of the camera. With a shabby motion, the film will surely turn into nothing but a disaster. With the help of this article, you will be able to figure out many of the best 3 axis handheld gimbal choice which will help you in stabilizing your camera. After you have complete knowledge of the choices, you will no longer require any in-camera optical, electronic or post-production stabilization.

There are generally three types of gimbals. Let’s get introduce with these three:

Gimbals for GoPro and other small cameras

Small cameras such as GoPro are the best choices for on the go filmmaking. If you are one among them who uses GoPro, then you will surely know that it is a huge challenge to get a stable quality video. This is harder while you are capturing the first-person view or even shooting from a moving car or truck. The best handle gimbal will not just help you in attaining smooth shots but it will also help in getting useful footage that will improve the video later on.

A three-axis gimbal is best for the GoPro series rather than using two axis gimbal. The two-axis gimbal stabilizes the horizon and even tilts the camera. On the other hand, the 3 axis gimbal adds panning stability and even improves the left to right motion. This motion of the camera will provide a cinematic shooting effect. The handheld gimbals are the most commonly used gimbals.

Gimbals for small and large DSLR cameras

Both the mirror and mirrorless cameras have become popular nowadays for the purpose of shooting videos. The changeable lenses, compact size, and improved sensor design help with the issue of mobility as well as high-quality imaging. You will be able to find a number of gimbals in the market for DSLR cameras. Some of the gimbals designed for a specific type of cameras but mostly the DSLR cameras are adjustable. The improvement in the stabilization technology of the large gimbals has evolved in the last couple of years. From single IMU sensors based stabilization to the combination of blending position encoders.

Smartphone gimbals

Smartphone gimbal has recently arrived in the market to stabilize your Android and iPhones. The smartphone gimbal is new to the customers and this has proven to be the biggest hits for a number of facilities. It is easy to capture, edit and share videos. The Steadyfone3 is a smartphone gimbal that not only handles your phone. But can even be used for stabilizing the GoPro camera as well. The smartphone gimbal helps in providing cinematic effects to the footage that you shoot. These gimbals are portable and can even be used for professional purposes. It can create remarkable shots by aspiring filmmakers.
By analyzing all the factors, we have chosen the best three Camera stabilizers for you. Go through one by one and choose the best fit for you.

1. The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon

video camera stabilizer

Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer would come handy while you are using a camera which is not more than 2.1 lbs.

This is a great device for those who do not love to carry extra weight while traveling. It’s extremely light weight and smooth. The building quality of this device is so good that you will feel solid in the hand while working with this.

Many customers express their dissatisfaction with this stabilizer as it did not work for them. In most of the cases, those cameras weighted more than 2.1 lbs. So, once again, it won’t work well if your camera weights more than 2.1 lbs.

2. YI Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for Yi Lite, 4K, 4K+, and other Action Cameras

Action Gimbal Stabilizer

This handheld camera stabilizer can be considered as the best 3 axis gimbal. It has a high-precision sensor along with a brushless motor. As the name says, it offers three operating modes. And this what makes this video camera stabilizer more unique. These modes are Pan mode, lock mode, and pan/tilt mode. This handheld gimbal head gives you continuous service up to 4.5 hours without creating any hindrance. As two lithium-ion batteries have been included with this stabilizer.

Now, let’s have a look at some disadvantages which we should share with you. Some consumers complained that the design of this stabilizer blocks the view of the screen. So, you have to analyze the fact whether this gimbal head will be compatible with your camera device or not.
If it fits your camera than a great experience is waiting for you

3. EVO Gimbals EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal for GoPro Hero3, Hero4 or Hero5 

3 Axis Wearable Gimbal for GoPro

This DSLR camera stabilizer can be mounted to any ¼ tripod mount. You can pair this gimbal with the GoPro mounts as well. You can control the gimbal via your iPhone or Android phones with the help of its Bluetooth feature. Though the calibration process may give you some hard times; once it is fixed, it will be smoother.

EVO Gimbals only ship their products in the US as per our last update. So, if you live any part of the world but the US, it won’t be that easy for you to get this 3-axis gimbal.

4. SUTEFOTO S40 Handheld Stabilizer Pro Version for Camera

Handheld Camera Stabilizer

Let us introduce you with a cheap handheld stabilizer. If your budget is really tight then it may come handy. Though for the professional videographers it is not recommended. For catching some private moments smoothly, it will serve you well.

Why is it recommended for personal usage?
Because it is light weighted and the design is so simple that you can carry this gimbal with you anywhere you want so easily. The assembling process of this cheap camera stabilizer is also facile. One can easily assemble this gimbal.

Though the balancing instruction is not described well in the manual. You can learn it with the help of YouTube. This stabilizer is a little bit difficult to control, but once you learn all the tricks to get the best output out of it, you will become a fan of this.

This mini handheld stabilizer has a bidirectional base plate which allows the user to adjust to any angle. So, it’s a charm, if you like to shoot videos from different angles.

5. FeiyuTech G5 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal

3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro HERO 5

This good looking stabilizer is a gem for the GoPro user. It is easy to operate, especially with the little joystick which is located top of that. You can control the movement of the camera and the gimbal at the same time with the help of that. The function button allows you to switch modes within a few seconds.The FeiyuTech has put a lot of afford in this gimbal to make it a stronger competitive on this brutal market. They have included all the latest technology in this gimbal. The main feature of this gimbal which makes it unique from others is its waterproof feature. It’s the world’s first waterproof action camera gimbal.

Considering its cost you can say, it is one of the best GoPro gimbals that are available on the market.

6. DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO MOBILE

DJI Phone Camera Gimbal

If you are looking for a cool Camera Gimbal for you, then this would be a nice choice. OSMO Gimbal turns your smartphone into a motion camera. Sometimes, it is really hard to understand whether the video was shot from a DSLR or Smartphone; it is that smooth. Some newbie cinematographers, who can’t afford a DSLR camera, use this Stabilizer with their smartphone to shoot professional videos. Those who are willing to set their career on YouTube by uploading daily Vlog can use this gimbal both as vlogging camera stick and stabilizer.

Some customers do face some problems with Bluetooth and battery. But the satisfactory part is, if you contact their customer service, then they will properly take care of your problem.

7. MOZA Air 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizer

 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizer

It’s a top-notch gimbal, and most of the time favorable to wedding videographers and music video makers. You can rotate your camera by it all over the 360 degrees on all 3- axis.

The notable thing is that Moza air gimbal supports cameras up to 7 lbs. the most amazing feature of this stabilizer is its thumb controller. By the help of a joystick which is located in the dual handgrip set, one can control the camera’s record functions and mimic mode.

Is not it cool?

This is not only a one-man show but also a second operator can have control over the camera and gimbal.
You would love the fact that they provide a strong carry case along with this camera stabilizer gimbal. You can keep all the equipment in the case after finishing your work. Within this price range, no other company will provide you a carry case like this one.

8. DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Best Gimbal Stabilizer

It is one of the top-selling handheld DSLR stabilizers on the market. As it’s a DJI product, you can certainly expect a lot of quality features from it. DJI Ronin M is the lighter version of the previous one. It is made such a way that it will be more compatible with the heavier cameras than the previous version.

The responsive balancing capability and Upgraded Autotune stability have added a new dimension to this 3-axis gimbal. With the help of ATS (Autotune stability) feature, you can tune the stabilization of your camera without even using any additional tools. The detachable top handlebars of this gimbal can be easily twisted off so that one can shoot from various angles at his will. This feature has made it easier to be packed and unpacked. The frame is made of magnesium. So, you do not need to think about the durability. The battery will serve you up to six hours. This is pretty enough for a professional videographer.

Though this is not as powerful as the original Ronin, it would be a great experience for you to use it. If you want to consider the performance, you have to consider the price.

9. Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

Let’s have a look at another gimbal which is specialized for the smartphone. This is a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer as well. From iPhone X to iPhone 4, it would be compatible with each and every iPhone and Android phones.
But there is a thing that needs to be mentioned. Gopro adapter will not be provided with this gimbal. You have to spend some extra cash to get this adapter if you are a GoPro user. You should not use a phone case while using this gimbal. For a better and smooth experience, you have to use the phone without the case.

Three powerful brushless motors are used by this gimbal to cover all around 360 degrees. You can rotate your smartphone at your will to get a better view. There is a joystick along with the stabilizer. You can control the shooting angle by touching this sensitive joystick.

If you want to know the cons of this product then we must mention that this one is a bit pricey. Other than that there is no issue is complained about by the customers.

10. Zhiyun Crane 2 Follow Focus 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Follow Focus 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Zhiyun Crane 2 is the updated version of Zhiun crane. The company has decreased its price a bit as well. At the same time, they have increased the features as well as the quality. This Mirrorless camera gimbal is generally compatible with Canon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras which have been released after 2008.

The most significant feature of this mirrorless camera gimbal is its battery run time.

It’s about eighteen hours!
Yes, you read it right! You can even charge to the camera in the real-time even when your camera is without batteries. This product’s weight is a great advantage as it does not put that much pressure on your hand.
By using a mobile app you can control this gimbal easily via your smartphone. As some customers complained that app, the company has taken initiatives to fix the bugs in no time.

Choosing a system

After choosing a stabilization rig, the first most important task you need to perform is to adjust the camera. The camera must be adjusted in the front to back and side to side so that you can attain a perfect and smooth shot. This adjustment will even help in controlling the camera.

Therefore, fixing it in a proper way is the most important task at the beginning. The best DSLR stabilizer will even provide you with the facility to trim it. On the other hand, the other DSLR stabilizer will help in adding and adjusting the weight. You should always pay keen attention to vertical balance adjustment; this is a very crucial part. Bear in mind that the gimbal rig must be slightly bottom heavy so that the camera remains upright.

Each manufacturer has their recommendation about how to use the gimbal rig. It is best advised to use DSLR stabilizer as per the advice at the beginning. Later the changes that you need to make can be changed as per the shot will demand you to do. No matter what system you have chosen for yourself, it is most important to spend time on it and practice well to get better results with your shots. Something else that you must consider, is the weight of your camera.

The heavier the camera is, the more tired you will become holding it. But the even lighter camera is not without problems. Luckily the heavier cameras have mass and inertia that will help you to get better shots. The disadvantage of the lighter camera is that it becomes very hard to stabilize in a proper way. The breath control even becomes important while it comes to the lightweight camera. Most of the times when you are dealing with the lightweight camera the possibilities are that your shots will be ruined.

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Best Wireless Video Doorbell Review 2021 | Security Experts Choice 0 569

Best Wireless Video Doorbell

With insecurity being on the rise, which makes it a challenge when choosing the best video doorbell. More and more people are looking for ways to better protect themselves as well as their families. Having the best video doorbell camera can save the headache and if it’s wireless video doorbell camera then you are on luck. Video doorbell cameras provide a homeowner with a sense of security thanks to their ingenious design and features.

What is Video Doorbell Camera?

Also referred to as a Smart doorbell, this device is an internet-connected doorbell that notifies a homeowner when a guest arrives at their door entrance via their smartphone. This device activates when a guest presses the button of the doorbell or alternatively when it senses a guest using its inbuilt motion sensor. A user can watch and talk with a guest via this device’s built-in high definition infrared camera and microphone. Some models even allow a user to open the door for their guests remotely using a smart lock.


The first ever model known as Ring Video Doorbell Doorbell was created by entrepreneur James Siminoff in 2012. Since then, several other models have been introduced to the market, some inclusive of additional and unique features all geared into providing added protection and user-friendly interfaces.

Best Video Doorbell Brands

There are countless brands available to customers nowadays with the most popular being Ring, Honeywell, SkyBell, VTech, Jacob Jensen, and Gizmodo among others. These brands have models varying from affordable to more expensive models that are inclusive of incredible features that we shall talk about below. Having best front door camera means you can sleep without worried about who is at the front door!


Best Wireless Video Doorbell Comparison Table

Doorbell NamePricingDoorbell BrandEditor's RatingPrice Range
1. Ring
Check PriceRing4.8 of 5$199 - $220
2. SkyBell HD Silver
Check PriceSkyBell4.4 of 5$190 - $210
3. August
Check PriceAugust4.5 of 5$150 - $190
4. Zmodo Greet – Smart Check PriceZmodo4.0 of 5$80
5. Looline

Check PriceLooline4.5 of 5$80
You can now compare the pricing and rating of the best wireless video doorbell using the sorting icon above each table name. Based on the review, our rating, brand wise or price range wise as you wish. Do your own research as well before purchasing any of them don't take it for granted.

We did a detailed review on the best Wifi enabled wireless video doorbell reviews just below. Choose wisely checking the performance.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Front Video Doorbell Camera:

Just as everything we purchase, it is best to try arm yourself with as much information as possible before making a purchase. Some key things to take into consideration when hunting for the best Video doorbell camera include:

Video quality: How clear is the quality of your video? Keep an eye out for crystal clear HD video screens

Weatherproof:  since these devices are placed outside, it’s best to inquire whether they are waterproof. This way, your item will not get damaged during those rainy seasons nor will they defect during a sandstorm or any other type of weather.

Ease of use: some models are incredibly high tech that operating them can sometimes be annoying. You’ll want to look out for models that are easy to set up and operate.

Wireless: what’s it wireless range? For easier usage, we would recommend that you purchase a device with a long wireless range. This will enable a user to operate and have a clear view of their guests without having to be home to do so. When choosing the best Wireless Video Doorbell with wifi is a must-have feature for your video doorbell.

Audio: are you able to communicate with your visitors? Look out for those doorbell cameras with two-way audio.

Video Doorbell Reviews: Check for reviews online on your desired brand.

Best Video Doorbell Camera Review

Searching for a device that will cater to your needs, one that is durable and affordable can be a daunting task. There are countless brands and models available on the current market and pinpointing a specific product can be confusing. This is why we have done the hard part for you. After countless research, we have narrowed down our list to below 9 best wireless video doorbells. Read our best video doorbell review before to find out more about our top picks.

1. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell Camera Review

Best Video Doorbells

Available in a variety of beautiful colors such as brass, white, bronze and satin, this model is one of the most popular thanks to its incredible features and easy to use interface. Ring allows a user to see, hear and speak to visitors from your smartphone, tablet or PC. You’ll receive an instant alert when your bell is pressed or when its inbuilt motion sensors are triggered. This device is very easy to set up and will allow you to keep an eye out on your property at any time, thanks to its Live View feature which streams live video and audio. One of its best qualities is its two-way audio with noise cancellation feature that allows a homeowner to communicate with visitors at any time. All in all, this item has a beautiful sleek design and will allow you to answer your door from anywhere. You’ll receive alerts instantly and you’ll be able to see your visitors in a clear HD video and talk to them with crisp two-way audio. Ring video doorbell camera review is so good that it’s top in many other websites list as well.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

Best Wireless Video Doorbell

An upgraded version of the previous Ring model, this item is incredibly versatile and modern. It has a sleek and eye-catching design and works well with select iOS and Android devices. With ring doorbell camera you can stay safer. Ring Pro records wide angle high definition video and maintains a clear view of your home’s entrance. It comes with an optional cloud recording that allows you to view the footage at a later time if need be. This product has a great feature that makes it our number two pick; night vision infrared LED’s allow an owner to record footage even in dim lighting. You’ll automatically receive alerts when motion is detected regardless of where you are. Overall, it’s a quality product that is armed with great features for added security.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Honeywell Portable Wireless Video Doorbell Camera Review

Best Wireless Video Doorbell for the money

This Honeywell product is incredibly easy to use and will provide a family with a much-needed sense of security that will keep burglars and thieves away. It is wireless and battery operated. This item works with up to six push buttons, motion detectors or door contact for added security and convenience. To better eliminate interference, Honeywell comprises of a self leaning code system that automatically adjusts. You’ll have an operating range of up to 450 feet. This is highly convenient as it allows an owner to roam without ever having to miss a guest’s arrival. It operates on four “C” batteries that are not included in the packaging. Whether you are driving, at work, or having a stroll around your neighborhood, Honeywell will alert a user when it’s button is pushed. Honeywell is one of the best Wi-Fi video doorbell cameras.

Check Price On Amazon

4. SkyBell HD wifi doorbell Review

Top 9 Best Wireless Video Doorbell

Available in silver and bronze colors, SkyBell is crafted ingeniously to merge with any home décor. SkyBell is armed with quality features for added security. SkyBell allows an owner to see their guests up to 1080p HD and can zoom in up to 5x. You’ll be alerted even when someone does not press button, thanks to its motion sensors. Monitor your front entrance any time by simply starting the video app on your mobile phone. You’ll also be able to record each video for later viewing. This is one of the best wireless doorbell video cameras on the market. One great thing about SkyBell is its ability to still record footage in full-color HD video even at night. Granted it’s a bit expensive, this is a great digital doorbell camera to install.

Check Price On Amazon

5. August Doorbell Camera Review

best doorbell camera

August is available in dark gray and silver colors. Its design is simple and merges well with many home’s entrances. August comes with a free 30 days trial of video recording. This item also has a one-way camera view of guests, ensuring your privacy. You’ll receive instant alerts when cam detects anyone on your front entrance. A user will be able to see and speak with people directly from their smartphone. With August, you will always know who’s at your front entrance day or night.

Check Price On Amazon

6. Zmodo Greet – Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera Review

video doorbell reviews

ZModo comprises of a new HD wide angle lens that gives a clear view of your entire front space. Simply slide your finger over Live View screen to pan the video feed left or right. ZModo has a simple interface and easy setup for any first-time users. ZModo comprises a motion detection software that will record and alert homeowner whenever motion is detected. It also has two-way audio allowing both parties to communicate simultaneously. This product is easy to set up – use existing wiring for swift and simple installation. For beginners, video tutorials are available on Zmodo’s support page.

Check Price On Amazon

7. Looline WiFi Video Doorbell Camera Review

digital doorbell camera

Looline WiFi Video Doorbell is available in a beautiful color. It’s highly affordable and a good fit for anyone working with a tight budget. It has a video camera that can be adjusted by the user whenever they please. This model is weatherproof making it highly durable. You need not worry about your device getting ruined by rain, snow, sand, etc. A good pick for anyone looking to save some money and still purchase an item that’s long-lasting. This comes with night vision and HD camera to make it more awesome. With WIFI video doorbell functionality it is the best wifi video doorbell camera available out there in the market.

Check Price On Amazon

8. Jacob Jensen Wireless Video Doorbell Review

 best wifi video doorbell camera

Here is an award-winning design that is sleek, modern and elegant. Jacob Jensen has truly produced something that will exceed your expectations. It’s one of the best Wi-Fi video doorbell camera’s out there. Its loud volume is adjustable and can be heard from multiple floors. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from five tunes that are pleasant. It comes inclusive of a doorbell push button and a chime receiver. Installation is pretty quick and its wireless range is up to 450 feet. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and is inclusive of batteries that last up to two years. Overall, if you’re looking for the best value for your money, then this is it.

Check Price On Amazon

9. Ennio Video Door Phone Doorbell Review

video doorbell reviews

Ennio is a wired video intercom. It’s not wireless and will need a cable to connect an indoor monitor and outdoor unit. Ennio has a 7’’ color TFT LCD that has low power consumption and high definition. It’s also inclusive of IR Camera with night vision. This item is a hands-free intercom and comprises of a mute indoor intercom function. A homeowner will be able to monitor their outside day or night. Ennio is inclusive of 16 different kinds of bell rings and its volume, brightness, and contrast are adjustable. Packaging comes inclusive of an adapter and cable for easier installation. All in all, Ennio is a good choice for anyone looking for a video intercom. This sums up our wireless video doorbell reviews.

Check Price On Amazon


There are tons of video-doorbells out there. Selecting the best wireless video doorbell that meets your needs can seem tricky. Have you ever used any of above-mentioned items before? What was your experience? We would love to hear from you so do leave us a comment below. If we missed any of the best doorbell camera from your list let us know as well.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2021 Under $100 | MusicGuy List 0 375

It was not long ago when speakers were limited to just being found in the movie house, or simply in your car or the ones on your radio. Choosing the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for exactly and the features you need in your portable speakers. As the technology evolved, speakers have been set up in bedroom walls, common or entertainment area where people can have a feel of a home theater when watching a movie, or listening to a concert recording,  etc.

Now, as technology continues to innovate, speakers had become more accessible and apparently, somehow a need. It had become the perfect pair for mobile phones, tablets, and even laptops; the perfect equipment for one’s music leisure.

What makes a good portable speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are the most ideal type of a wireless speaker, as it had grown to work without needing a network to connect – meaning it will simply work anywhere! Plus, using it is very much convenient and hassle-free, as it takes literally just seconds to connect.

As Bluetooth chips offer a high- functionality, even with a 30 to 50 feet transmission distance, its quality is still efficient and does not affect the battery life of your gadget. It now offers a high- quality connection, far from its once poor audio resolution reputation, with an improvement offered by brands for every model they do a release.

Things to look for when buying a portable speaker

Portable speakers are used everywhere – literally. Before purchasing one for your next road trip, or hang out with friends, aside from the wireless connection, here are a number of things to know before you consider which speaker to buy from the wide range of best Bluetooth portable speakers out there:

  • Portability: Okay, so portability may be subjective depending on what you are looking for and how you are planning to use it. You would want a portable Bluetooth speaker which is just the right size and allows you to move around without the sound suffering. Remember, the smaller the speaker the more possibility of compromising the quality of the sound.
  • Durability: It is a given that you do want a speaker you can carry around, hassle-free, but sometimes without proper care, the speaker may not last long. Some speakers are of quality covering, which makes it ideal to bring on your next beach day.
  • Multi-room: Speaker’s main job is to cover quite the space with enough sounds, right? A quality speaker has a loud but clear sound that can cover almost the whole house if you want to without compromising the sound’s quality.
  • Battery Life: Of course, you would want to get a speaker which you can use for a whole day or more; and to save money, you want it to be rechargeable.
  • NFC and apt- X: NFC is what allows your mobile phone to connect more easily to the speaker through Bluetooth. Apt- X is what allows your Bluetooth connection produces a good and quality sound.

Repeatedly here, it was mentioned that sound quality or solution should not be compromised. Because it is your number one concern when buying a speaker – particularly a wireless one since you are depending on its connections.

We know how much you love music and as a music lover, I know the value of free music in our life. Yeah, the artist deserves more than money and in this world they need money. Still, sometimes we can’t actually afford the premium music downloads so we also prepared a list of free music app and free music downloading options for you so after buying those portable speakers you can listen to all your favorite songs streaming or directly downloading to your storage.

Best Portable Speakers Review

1. XBOOM Mini Portable Capsule Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a compact pocket- size, capsule speaker and best portable Bluetooth speakers under $50. It comes with a bass expansion system (BES); a sound resonator which enhances the sound and bass quality, it produces a massive sound. The XBOOM Mini Portable Capsule Speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery to last for about 12 hours and is universally compatible with any gadget, be it run by an iOS, Blackberry smartphones, Android smartphones, laptops, CD players, and many more. It is manufactured by E Depot Express, with a portable size of 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.8 inches, and weighs just 4.8 ounces.


  • A speaker compatible with your PC, Laptops, Gaming systems, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Inexpensive with great quality particularly for bass sounds


  • Provides a short cord for charging
  • Charging can get compromised easily, making the battery life span shorter than expected
  • The sound may not cover a wide space

2. Bose Sound Link Colour Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose Sound Link Colour Bluetooth speaker will give clear and full audio. It is made from durable materials which can easily fit inside your bag, with its 2.1 x 5 x 5.3 inches for size. The maximum range for connection is about 30 feet, for a quality sound; and it will allow you to connect two Bluetooth devices at a time.

It is compatible to pair with best portable Bluetooth speakers for smartphones, tablet, and other Bluetooth devices; plus a voice prompt will guide you through the Bluetooth pairing process. Since it is designed for easy use, with 1.2 ounces, it is light enough for you to carry during light travel. It has an auxiliary provided to connect to other devices without Bluetooth.


  • The voice guide on how to go about Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good for use with smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets
  • The size of this speaker is very much portable


  • The battery may last up to only 300 charges, and then it diminishes. The battery of Bose might be irreplaceable
  • Bass response for quality may be weak, especially when taken on a wide space
  • Bluetooth pairing can be hard

3. Volume and Bass Hi- Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has a superior 360 sound and playtime and is considered an anywhere speaker. It gives out a full-bodied sound for a boom box quality experience.

However, Volume and Bass’ wireless Bluetooth speaker is made for simple use, like a push button for on/off switch which will be confirmed by a voice prompt; has a built-in rechargeable battery that will make a 12 to 15-hour use — definitely good for a whole day celebration. This is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers under $100.

The product does not stop with Bluetooth connection for you to enjoy your music, as it also read micro SD/ TF card in MP3 format. It also has an auxiliary function and will allow you to even charge your phone through its USB input. Volume and Bass definitely designed this portable Bluetooth speaker for you to carry around with a 2.9 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches size and 1.2 pounds weight.


  • The Hi-Fi speaker has a longer battery life of a 15- hour maximum, the battery life will not leave you hanging on an advertisement
  • Durability and sturdiness are great! Dropped it quite a few times, and yet the quality remains intact


  • May not cover a large range of space for speaker capacity
  • With the quality of the sounds it produces, it is a bit pricey

4. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

best bluetooth portable speakers

Aside from its capability to deliver excellent sound quality, through five audio drivers, the Roar 2 speaker is feature-rich, as it can serve as an external sound card or a standalone music player with its microSD card slot. It boosts the overall loudness while utilizing the built-in Digital Signal Processor of the speaker for wider audio output.

The Blaster Roar 2 is now in a lighter, 2.2 pounds, and more compact size, 4.3 x 7.4 x 2 inches, and still retains its audio signature quality. It has a machine- finished passive radiators, which will go far from just hearing the bass, but even actually seeing it in action.


  • Connects easily with devices, including televisions
  • Sounds produced are well- balanced. Although the loudness and other stuff is not accurate and depends on other factors like environment
  • Pairs well with both USB and Bluetooth


  • The audio quality is not that great, bass sound can be missing. Quality gets compromised on the user’s location
  • Not loud enough for outdoor use
  • Can be a bit heavier compared to another princess.

5. UE BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

best bluetooth portable speaker

Like other wireless portable Bluetooth speakers, the UE Boom 2 delivers a 360- degree sound, but the difference is that it has an IPX- 7 rating for water resistance, shockproof and gesture control.

Firstly, it connects well with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices for a good range of about 100 feet. With its grab- and- go water bottle shape, it is easy to bring and easy to use through a tap action for controls. Secondly, it is powered by a rechargeable battery for a good 15-hour run. This speaker has different editions which you can choose from. This image is the Phantom Edition the other ones are  BrainFreeze Edition, Cherrybomb Edition, Green Machine Edition, Tropical Edition & Yeti Edition. Choose the one you like as the editions change their colors change too. In addition, Logitech designed UE Boom 2’s portability with a 2.7 x2.7 x 7.1 inches size and 1.2 pounds, to bring the fun anytime, anywhere.


  • Produces great sound quality compared to its small size
  • Its features are great: from the water resistant to the shockproof portable speaker.
  • Produced by a company known for its quality computer accessory


  • Volume must be watched, sometimes the speaker could not take the amplifier’s sound output
  • Bluetooth connection can be hard to pair
  • Battery life can reduce depending on maintenance or charging habit.

6. Harman Infinity One Portable Wireless Speaker

best portable wireless speaker

The Infinity One’s speaker offers a high- quality driver for a clear and breathtaking sound whenever you play music. It also comes with about 10 hours of life span, plus you can even charge an external device through its USB port.

Although there is no significant breakthrough, the One has a cutting- edge design, which allows simple, intuitive operation of all controls. It is made of ceramic- coated aluminum to deliver durability. Aside from a reliable life span, and sound quality, Infinity made sure to have the speakers easy to bring anywhere with a 5.3 x 10.8 x 6.7 inches size and 5 pounds weight.


  • The sound quality it produces is room- fulfilling with deep bass, making it a full-on sound system experience
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Pairs well and easily with your gadget, even with two devices at the same time


  • Although it is great for outdoor use, there is no case provided
  • Bluetooth connection may get unstable, but maybe that just depends on the location

7. Libratone ZIPP Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

best portable speaker

Not only will this allow you to play via Bluetooth, but it will also allow you to stream online via Wi-Fi and even pair up with sx ZIPP speaker all- together. The quality that it produces is excellent and bigger than its size. Enjoy using for about 10 hours through its rechargeable battery.

Its innovation includes Spotify integration and allows you to stream everything from your online sources. It has an intuitive touch control; with a 4.8 x 4 x 10.3 inches and 3.3 pounds weight, Libratone portable Bluetooth speaker is definitely a good contender out in the market.


  • Produces a clear, full and natural sound – even on low volume
  • Easy to pair and comfortable to use because of its portability
  • It has a great sound quality at any volume


  • The Bluetooth connection may be unstable and suddenly unlinks

8. JBL Charge 2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker

the best portable bluetooth speaker

The JBL Charge 2+ breaks away from the stigma that had followed portable speakers for years, with its smaller size; no one can fully take it seriously and trust its booming sound quality and durability.

From the original design of a slick, metal grille with rubber and plastic touches, nothing had really changed but the addition of the JBL logo. The speaker can stand either vertically or horizontally, has a LED- illuminated volume control.

Aside from Bluetooth connectivity, it also allows a USB and wired listening to enjoy the system. It will also enable you to charge your phone anywhere you are.


  • Releases quality booming sound even with its tiny size
  • Allows multiple connectivity, not limiting to Bluetooth — plus it’s easier to connect
  • Splash- resistant, not necessarily put it on water but getting a little sprinkle would not hurt


  • No major changes or difference compared from the JBL Charge 2
  • For a starter speaker, the price is a bit expensive – if you are one on a budget, there are others out in the market that offers a water-resistant feature on a cheaper price

9. B & O Play Beoplay A1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Beoplay A1 is designed by the award-winning Cecilie Manz, with the brand’s concept of ‘sound technology and experience at the palm of your hands’ – the speaker came to life. Durability combines the soft and hard, cold and warm making things well-balanced.

Most importantly, it has a compact sized Bluetooth speaker, with a 1.3 pounds weight, which makes it very portable. Dust and splash resistant are two of its best features, alongside the more sound and bass it can produce. It also has about 24 hour’s battery life span per use.


  • Unlike other speakers, with harsh bass sounds, the Beoplay has a better-rounded and whole sound quality, clear and crisp!
  • Very much portable, and quite a design to show off


  • Although it is easy to pair it with a Bluetooth device in the start, the problem is that it is hard to make it stay paired – losing connection easily.
  • Price can be a bit high
  • Without proper care, charging may get easily compromised and become a problem.

Overall, go for a portable Bluetooth speaker that is worth your money. From the reviews above, I would suggest that Logitech’s UE Boom 2 is worth the investment for a portable sound system.

It assures you of a long battery life span, and durability wise, it will give you what your money is worth. You do not have to worry about it getting wet, and you getting shocked when it does. It is safe and easy to use. Plus, the sound it produces can cover the whole space with its wide range for connectivity. In conclusion, hope you know how to choose the best portable Bluetooth speakers.

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