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Best Virus Removal Tools

Virus which was one a worrying word now losing its contrast day by day. However, hackers are creating a lot of viruses to steal our information and infect our systems. It’s mainly a threat for home users and business users. Once a virus attacks your system, it is really hard to remove the virus and your operating system won’t work properly. The virus will stop running applications, installing other software and show improper ads. So having the best virus removal tools is a blessing.

To remove a virus or malware from your system, you need antivirus software or anti-malware software. If you can’t install this software in your operating system, then you can use the portable ones. Sometimes the PC which is affected by the virus can not use the internet, so portable antivirus scanner plays a vital role in that situation. So we will list  3 Best Virus Removal Tools For 2017 that you can use to remove the virus from your PC.

Best Virus Removal Tools

 #3 Best Virus Removal Tools

1. BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

We all know about the BitDefender antivirus. They update their virus list continuously, and you just have to install the update to be safe. Every time there is a new maleware or antivirus threats your system you are safe. So it works silently but scans everything you install. The developers customized it with a lot of important features like game mode, and silent mode. The scanner has a very high range of algorithms it uses to scan and eliminate the virus. The best part is it’s completely free, easy to install and you can download it from their website. You can relax completely if you are using BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition. It seems like one of the best one.

2. Panda Free Antivirus

It is the lightest antivirus ever. So it will run smoothly on your PC. Once you install Panda Free Antivirus, you don’t have to worry about anything. It will take care of all the setting, updates, and configuration. With its impressive features, it’s one of the best antiviruses available out there. With continuous updates, it provides maximum protection against the latest virus. They also have a paid antivirus named Panda Protection Advanced. Which provides wifi connection safety, parental support mode when browsing and secure online shopping, password management, encryption. If your PC is a bit old, then this is the best choice for you.

3. Malwarebytes

An anti-malware tool which got everyone’s attention very quickly. The reason was its features like removing all the traces of malware, blocking malicious websites and threat reporting which contributed supreme protection and security against the latest virus. Also, Malwarebytes is free to download and use which is a big plus for everyone.  With its super easy interface, you will get the hang of it in a minute or two. However, to use a bit more features, you need pay and get the premium version which provided real-time detection.

So before downloading anything from the ever loving internet be very cautious. Same goes for installing any third party software read the user agreement and uncheck if there’s an add-on which is not necessary or you don’t recognize. Microsoft Essential is a very virus removal tool if you keep it updated regularly. The latest version surpassed our expectation and performing very well. So now you know about virus removal tools. If you think we missed any of the best virus removal tool, do let us know.

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3 Best Virus Removal Tools To Secure Your Computer