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Best Warm Mist Humidifier Review

Living a comfortable and happy life is the reason why most of us wake up early to go to work. It’s also why we keep up with a pushy boss not to mention noisy colleagues and tight schedules. We all keep up with that so that we can afford the good things that come with money such as the excellent humid air thanks to having the best warm mist humidifier. No one wants to have itchy and irritable skin, chapped lips or other problems which come about due to dry air. Humidifiers help increase the moisture present in the air, and a warm mist humidifier is even better. Because it makes the air feel warmer hence suitable for cold weather. Also, the fact that they boil water before it is released as mist helps reduce bacteria and pathogens which may be harmful to our health.

However, with the myriads of warm mist humidifiers present in the market, choosing the right one might seem like an uphill task. Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo such stress. Because below are factors you should consider while selecting one and also a list of the best warm mist humidifier.

A Quick Look at the 10 Best Warm Mist Humidifier

NoHumidifiers NameBrandReviews & PricingEditor's Rating
1Vava VA-AH014
Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier
VavaCheck Price & Customer Review3.8 of 5
2Taotranics TT-AH007Taotranics Check Price & Customer Review4.0 of 5
3Sea Jewel Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool & Warm MistRadha BeautyCheck Price & Customer Review3.9 of 5
4Levoit LV600HH LEVOITCheck Price & Customer Review4.1 of 5
5Vicks V790 Germ-Free Best Warm Mist HumidifierVicksCheck Price & Customer Review3.3 of 5
6TaoTronics TT-AH007B TaoTronicsCheck Price & Customer Review4.0 of 5
7Marsboy SH6631 MarsboyCheck Price & Customer Review
3.9 of 5
8Micro-Tech Digital 4500Micro-TechCheck Price & Customer Review3.5 of 5
9Taotronics TT-AH011Taotronics Check Price & Customer Review3.5 of 5
10MistAire XL PEHUMLRGPure EnrichmentCheck Price & Customer Review4.4
You can now compare the pricing and rating of the top rated small warm mist humidifier. Based on the review, our rating, brand wise or price range wise buy as you wish. Do your own research as well before purchasing any of them don't take it for granted as we didn't say what is the best warm air humidifier in the market at the moment . As the quality, design, and performance is different based on how it is being used and also on the experience of the guy. There are various types of warm air vaporizer so choose as your needs.

Best Warm Mist Humidifier Buying Checklist

  • The space you want it cover: Regardless of it being a single room or whole house humidifier, the number of square feet covered usually varies. Therefore before you buy, consider the amount of space you want it to cover. Because you don’t want to end up buying an expensive one yet the space it covers does not reach where your target.
  • Type: Warm mist humidifiers usually come in two categories. Those meant to cover the whole house and single room ones. With whole-house humidifiers, you fix them on your HVAC system. So the mist released can be transferred to the rest of your home via the HVAC ducts. While the second type of humidifiers does not need to be connected anywhere as you can just place them in the room you want them to humidify. Hence they only create moisture in a specific room and not the entire house. Therefore, while looking for a top-rated warm mist humidifier ensure you consider this important aspect.
  • Energy efficiency: As mentioned earlier, warm mist humidifiers usually boil the water first. Then release the steam created as mist. That means they require electrical energy to facilitate that and as such, some tend to use up a lot of electricity. To prevent skyrocketing electrical bills, look for a humidifier with an energy star logo, or one that has a timer or automatic shut off feature. As it will help minimize the amount of energy being used by automatically shutting down once you set it.
  • Your purpose: Usually, warm mist humidifiers are designed for different purposes and instance. Some are made to suit people with asthma while others are for people with weak immune systems, and others are just to keep the air warm and moist. Therefore, before you make any purchase on the best warm air vaporizer consider the reason why you want to buy it.
  • Other factors to consider: Safety, Price, Durability, Maintenance, and cleaning requirements & Filter or filterless.

Which to Buy Humidifier or Vaporizer?

  • The difference between humidifier and Vaporizer is very simple. Humidifier spread the water smog or mist into the air. A Vaporizer heats the water in the system and vaporizes them in the air. Humidifiers also add a bit of moisture into the air which is good for getting rid of coughing and congestion that might occur due to cold.

Difference Between Cool Mist & Warm Mist Humidifier? 

  • Basically, it’s nothing too great of a concern but in the case of safety, it matters. Cool mist humidifiers are better for children as the hot water or the steam may get too hot and burn the skin of the child. Also, warm mist humidifier is better for getting rid of coughing or issues related to cold weather. It is important to keep mind about the bacteria and use fresh water and change the water after use. Warm-mist humidifiers disperse lower comparing to cool mist humidifiers.

Review of The Top 10 Best Warm Mist Humidifiers

1. Vava VA-AH014 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier Review

best warm mist humidifier

Topping our list of the best warm mist ultrasonic humidifier review is the Vava warm and cool mist humidifier. First of all, it has an impressive design and comes in black color which means it will blend in with your décor. It has a humidity sensor which lets you preset the percentage of humidity you need. The humidifier maintains it throughout and if it is higher, the sensor will automatically shut it down.

The sensor also covers the need for safety. Because it detects and shut it down when the water levels are low or when the tank is removed. Also just like its name suggests, it can be used in any weather. Because it is both a warm and cool humidifier. It boasts a sleep mode feature which means that you can leave it on during the night or whenever you are asleep, and you won’t experience noise. It quickly heats up the water to 120 degrees leading to warm air during cold weather. While the personalized settings enable you to set it according to how you want. Additionally, the5 liter capacity water tank allows a longer run time, so you don’t have to keep on adding water.

There have been complaints about it leaking. However, if you are careful, that should not be a problem. Additionally, the humidity sensor is quite extra sensitive to touch but considering its price and other aspects; it is worth spending cash on.

2. Taotranics Ultrasonic Humidifier TT-AH007 Review

warm mist humidifiers review

You can now enjoy the advantages of both a warm humidifier and a cool one by using one humidifier thanks to Taotronics. It packs a punch of features which make comfy living a lifestyle and not an option. For instance, apart from its classy white design, it boasts ultrasonic technology. Which means it operates silently and the small LED display at the bottom of the device. The humidifier makes it even easier to set and adjust the temperature and mist settings.

For its compact size, this warm mist vaporizer boasts quite a large water reservoir. Which gives it a long run time while the rotatable nozzle is advantageous. Because you can point it to the specific area on which you need humid air. What is even better is that you can adjust the mist into three cool and warm levels. It is the best small room vaporizer and comes with a one year warranty. Plus the low water smart protection keeps you safe.

It features no sleep mode which means you cannot use it while asleep. You can, however, deal with this problem by leaving it on one hour before you sleep. Then turning it on as you sleep because the effect it created will remain. The icon controls are also quite small, and you might find them unreadable.

3. Sea Jewel Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Review

best warm mist ultrasonic humidifier

An appealing design and color is not the only thing that makes it one of the best warm mist humidifiers. Because even the performance features are quite a top notch. The fact that it is ultrasonic assures you that it is ultra-quiet hence suitable for night use or being kept in a baby’s room. It is also warm and cool which makes perfect for any weather. The humidifier minimizes the costs of having to buy separate humidifiers. It has a 3.2-liter reservoir capacity which means you don’t have to keep on adjusting the water levels. Another unique aspect that the sea jewel boasts is that it has an essential oil compartment. Hence perfect during yoga sessions or for spa days, your bedroom or your baby’s room.

There are no instructions on how to use the aromatherapy compartment. Also, there have been complaints from previous users about it not creating a warm mist. Nevertheless, you can sort such problems by consulting with the manufacturer because Sea jewel customer care team is highly responsive.

4. Levoit LV600HH Humidifiers Vaporizer, Warm and Cool Mist Review

top rated warm mist humidifier

Another best warm mist humidifier is the levoit warm & cool vaporizer. It has a 6-liter tank capacity which offers you more than enough operation time. It’s LED touchscreen is one of its most prominent features as it makes the user experience more comfortable not to mention the remote which connects even when you are 5 meters away. Hence it’s suitable for your baby’s room because you can easily control its functioning. It can dispense warm and cool mist, and its auto mode feature automatically senses the humidity level in your room. Additionally, you can use your favorite essential oils thanks to the aromatherapy compartment.

You may find the blue light coming from the display extremely bright, and it may leak occasionally. Nonetheless, these are problems you can solve for instance to minimize the display light brightness. Just press the auto shut button thrice and as for the leakage, consult with the manufacturer.

5. Vicks V790 Germ-Free Best Warm Mist Humidifier Review

the best warm mist humidifier

It comes in an appealing compact design, and the four rubber feet make it suitable for table tops. One of its top-notch features is that it boasts a patented ultra-violet chamber which keeps you and your loved ones safe by killing freely occurring radical elements. The tank capacity is 2 gallons. While the vapor pads make it suitable for people who suffer cold, coughs or flu consistently.

There have been numerous complaints from verified buyers about it being noisy. Also some people have found the blue light quite bright to use during the night. It is also difficult to clean according to some of the users. Nevertheless, considering it offers you relief from various conditions and also protects you from germs and bacteria. It is worth going for, plus the above problems vary from one person to another.

6. TaoTronics TT-AH007B Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Review

warm mist humidifier amazon

Taotronics has a reputation for gifting the market with some of the best warm mist humidifiers. This humidifier is no exception. First, it has a striking black color and easy to use design with a small LED screen. Hence easy to operate for first time humidifier users. Reason being it features all controls and also displays the temperature and humidity levels. It also has a water filter which retains any bacteria and germs giving out cleaner and fresher air. It is thus suitable for people with asthma. Additionally, the 6-liter tank offers a long duration of operation while the night mode. Which means you can sleep without experiencing any interruptions from buzzing. Lastly, the rotatable nozzle and low water smart protection make it even more convenient not to mention the handle which makes it portable.

The filter is not attached that well and hence falls out easily something which you may find frustrating. However, the customer care team is quite responsive plus. The warranty will cover the repair costs in case of such an occurrence. Therefore it is worth opting for.

7. Marsboy SH6631 Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier Review

small room humidifier

With a compact size and weighing only five pounds, it is easy to underestimate the capabilities of this warm mist humidifier until you use it. For instance, it has a whisper quiet operation, and you can adjust the LED light to use it during the night. Additionally, it is easy to clean and hence preventing mold and bacteria build up. If you are seeking for quality assurance, the 24-month warranty acts as a guarantee.

It has a single button which operates both the warm and cool functions. Hence you may make a mistake or confusing while adjusting. Nonetheless, you should not discredit it for that because you can use the user manual to work this problem out. Additionally, it tends to stop working after a few months of use. If such a thing happens, you don’t have to panic. Because it comes with a 24-month warranty to deal with such issues.

8. Microtech Digital 4500 Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier Review

warm mist vaporizer

If you are looking for a humidifier which is easy to use, has a high tank capacity, is easy to assemble and use and also detects and measures temperature, then your search might as well end here. Because of the digital 4500 ultrasonic packs all those features and more. It has a durable ceramic filter which ensures that the mist being released is clean and free from bacteria and germs. While the essential oil diffuser saves you the cost of having to buy and operate one separately. Other features include a sleep mode and a remote control which means you can turn it on and off even while you are on your bed. It also works well in the large room thus it makes one of the best warm air vaporizers.

There have been numerous complaints about it not releasing warm mist after a while. However, the warranty will help you deal with that if it happens. Also, the customer care team is highly responsive. Additionally taking care of it as it should help prevent such occurrences.

9. Taotronics TT-AH011 Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Review

cool mist vs warm mist humidifiers

Another warm mist humidifier on Amazon from taotronics to make its way to our best warm mist humidifier review is the top fill warm and cool mist gadget. One of its outstanding features is that it is quite easy to use. Thanks to its wide opening which makes it easy to fill and clean. Also, it is quite user-friendly thanks to the dot matrix design and icons. The filter cleans the mist released hence you can be sure that you are breathing in clean air. While the mist settings are customizable thus you adjust according to it to your current needs. Lastly, its rounded retro design makes it easy to position while the black color blends in with any décor.

Although the black matte finish is appealing. It makes it difficult to know when you need to refill and it is also noisy. Nevertheless, you can always assess the remaining amount of water from the large opening at the top and turn it off before you sleep to avoid the noisy pump.

10. MistAire PEHUMLRG XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

best hot steam vaporizer

Closing our best warm mist humidifier review list is the MistAire XL ultrasonic cool mist one. If you are looking for long runtime, then you are on the right path with this right one. Because it offers 10 to 24-hour runtime. It will cover about 500 square feet comfortably while the extra-large 1-gallon water reservoir boasts a powerful steam output making it suitable for the cold weather. Additionally, it has both single and dual mist nozzles which make adjusting the mist levels a walk in the park. It is also designed to suit and soothe people with asthma, cold and allergy symptoms.

Not suitable for countertops because it easily tips over. There have also been complaints of difficulty with cleaning because the top can be hard to detach. Nonetheless, you can deal with such problems by finding the right place to position it. Also take your time while disengaging the top because doing so in a hurry you may cause you to break it.

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