Having the best mouse is a blessing when doing a lot of work with it like design or data entry or browsing or doing research. A mouse is one of the basic and helpful parts of a desktop, and now even of laptops. Aside from your keyboard, the mouse is your way to directly connect and control your desktops. It is a simple device, with a sensor at the bottom and two buttons with a scroll wheel in the middle. Although it is a basic pointing device, there are different kinds of mice that have unique functions which can be helpful depending on your needs.

Types of Mouse

  • Travel Mouse: It is a smaller sized one, which was designed to easily fit into the pocket of your backpack or laptop bag; it offers the same features that of a regular mouse
  • Gaming Mouse: Same features, only amplified; there are a variety of features that are designed to fit any game the mouse is intended for
  • Ergonomic Designs: This is designed to reduce stresses that can cause carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries

What to Look For When Buying a Mouse

  • Type of connection it has
    • There are two types of mouse connectivity, the wired and the wireless. A wired one runs without the need for batteries, while the wireless one is easy to bring for travel
  • Buttons and Wheels
    • Basic button of the mouse is two, the left and the right button. Some mouse has a programmable button which can make a computer task simpler
  • Fit
    • The best mouse for you should comfortably and perfectly fit your hand; you must look for a mouse that is on the flatter side, that way it reduces wrist extension
  • Sensitivity
    • A mouse is rated based on their sensitivity, which is based on the scale of the dot per inch; the higher the DPI, the faster the mouse can move across the screen.

12 Best Mouse Review

 1. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

best affordable mouse

This MX Master mouse is a wireless mouse designed by Logitech; it is a high- end mouse that offers a comfortable hand-sculpted contour to help reduce risks of carpal injuries. Although this can be a bit larger than its predecessor, the Revolution, it is still comfortable to use and will help avoid your hands from getting sweaty too.


  • The MX has a long battery life for a wireless mouse
  • The scroll wheel has an adaptive speed, which allows for it to instantly change to hyperspeed
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity which is good as it gives more space to the USB port


  • There’s no built-in storage for the USB receiver
  • There is a hidden thumb button, also known as its gesture button, but it can be hard to press

2. Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver

best cheap mouse

This Amazon wireless mouse is a basic wireless mouse that runs on just one AAA battery; it has a clearly defined left and right click buttons with a scroll wheel in the middle and has a pretty much affordable price.


  • It is cheaper than other wireless brands
  • It is easy to move around, and compatible with chrome book, or even Mac Book.
  • This mouse has a smaller size and is easy to bring
  • Button clicks are good, not too soft or too hard


  • Although it is a good basic one, it burns through the batteries
  • Soft touch texture makes it prone to dirt collection

3. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse

best mouse for home use

This Sculpt Comfort mouse is the ultimate Windows mouse as it is optimized for Windows, and is designed for easy navigation of the Windows system. It has Bluetooth connectivity and Blue Track technology which works almost anywhere, even if you transfer places.


  • It has a Window touch tab which is customizable to allow easier access to the different desktop options
  • The Sculpt Comfort has an ergonomic design of a scooped right thumb for a comfortable grip of the user
  • The blue track technology laser works on all surfaces


  • It requires both of the batteries to function at all
  • It does not have a gesture that will activate the Charms menu
  • Tendency of difficulty to connect from one device to another


4. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

best mouse for developers

This Anker ergonomic optical mouse is comfortable and easy to use, with five buttons that will give improved control over your computer’s system. It has an increased functionality without compromising the user’s comfort


  • Comfortable to use, you can use it for hours without feeling any pain, particularly comfortable for the wrist
  • It has a soft touch plastic  and the battery consumption is reasonable


  • Wi- fi receiver has a disrupted tendency if the mouse is not directly on sight of it
  • It needs a USB extender to avoid frequent cuts in connection

5. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse

best mouse under 50

It is known for its long power battery, lasting for three years, this Logitech wireless marathon mouse has a hyper-fast scrolling feature which can be a bit hard to navigate through documents or pages. It also has a small wireless receiver which saves in your desktop so that there will be no need to unplug it after.


  • It has less undesired movements compared to previous models
  • Proven good battery life, and can work with just one battery
  • The weight and size is comfortable and fits well in the user’s hand


  • The DPI can be hard to modify
  • Registers a negative acceleration, the faster you move it the less movement it has


6. Razer Death Adder Chroma – Multi-Colour Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

best mouse for designers

This ergonomic gaming mouse by Razer had been favored by the eSports community all over the world, with it having swift responsiveness and very durable quality. It is very much favored by top gaming athletes for its ergonomic style and with it having an optical sensor with advanced tracking analytics.


  • It has a quite flawless performance, from an easy to click buttons, its movement has that perfect feel
  • Great price plus you can easily change the settings easily
  • Comfortable to use, as it perfectly fits small to medium sized hands


  • Its right-click button is a bit too sensitive, plus the middle click had a bit of inconsistency
  • When making changes with the mouse, their cloud software must be installed in your desktop
  • Grip has a tendency of ripping off easily

7. iXCC Predator Best Gaming Mouse

best wireless gaming mouse

The IXCC Predator gaming mouse has an ergonomically contoured style to make it more comfortable for it to be used, and help reduce carpal tunnel injuries. It also has a seven button feature, and an optical tracking of 500Hz, plus an adjustable DPI which will make it fit your gaming needs.


  • Comfortable to use due to its contoured shape, which allows fingers to be properly placed and rested
  • Smooth movement and scroll wheel
  • It comes with wire, which mean it does not require any battery for it to function; guarantees a long period of usage


  • Can feel a bit thick and blocky when held
  • It may be difficult to be recognized by some computers, the problem may be in the USB port or end

8. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Microsoft had released the Arc Touch mouse, which is a surface edition; it is easily curved when the it is turned on for use and will flatten out when turned off. Very easy to bring, with its comfortable, and eye-catching features which make it designed for easy storage. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity to help it work effectively in any kind of surface.

best mouse under 100


  • Unique design and functionality: curved when turned on, flattens when turned off
  • Basically designed for people who are always on the move
  • It can connect easily with your desktop, and easy to use


  • Tendency of the tracking system be a bit faulty or sensitive
  • Even though it is ergonomics, when not properly placed, it is risky for you to hurt your hands
  • Buttons can require quite some effort to click.

9, Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse Designers Blesssing

This one by Apple has a laser technology which can increase the performance of the mouse up to 20 times, plus a miniature sensor which can detect even the slightest movement. This multi-touch technology promotes a better interaction between portable devices, all via Bluetooth.

best apple mouse


  • The tracking system is quite good for a Bluetooth powered mouse, with its pointer movement being simply smooth and consistent
  • It is easy to set up and use; with a touch-based scrolling system which makes scrolling pages easier
  • A one- buttoned mouse which can be used as a three- buttoned one due to its smart software


  • The third party accelerator for the tracking can be slow
  • Right click can be hard to make it function, which is due to the design as well maybe; the mouse gets confused between the left and right click buttons
  • Not that ergonomically designed for comfort, chances of hurting wrist can occur

10. Emarth 4800 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse 

best wireless mouse

Even with its design, this game mouse by Combaterwing is made of lightweight aluminum material with an ergonomic design to help increase comfort while gaming athletes play the game. It works well with Windows and has an adjustable DPI.


  • Durable adn can work just fine even after having it fall a number of times
  • It has a good grip, well design and comfortable to use
  • DPI adjustments are accompanied by the LED color change, has an exhaust too


  • Tendency of the mouse to lag or hang, wherein the light may be on but the pointer does not move

11. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

best mouse

This Logitech wireless trackball one has a unifying receiver which can connect up to six compatible devices with this one tiny receiver. This mouse has a long battery life as well, which may last up to 18 months without changing or charging.


  • Can work compatibly with Mac and Windows operating systems
  • It has a trackball comfort, which the mouse had been shaped to help support your hand and cursor without needing to move your arm
  • Has a fair and reasonable receiver range


  • Some buttons may be faulty and can be hard to click
  • The buttons and trackball are sensitive and are always at risk of being faulty

12. Sentey GS-3911 Revolution Pro Computer Gaming Mouse

best gaming mouse

This computer gaming mouse is designed to fit the lifestyle of gaming athletes, which has software with seven macro buttons and button configuration. Speed may accelerate up until 30G with 1 DPI selector.


  • Due to the ceramic foots, the mouse’s grip is soft and easy to move; plus it is comfortable to use
  • It has seven macro buttons which allow several configurations
  • The weight of the mouse is at a balanced level which is useful especially if you are looking for resistance


  • The DPI button, although convenient, it can be a bit difficult to use as it is good for different circumstances
  • Chances of the mouse to stutter happens, depending on the surface you use it.


When choosing the right desktop mouse for you, it is important that you take into consideration what it will be intended to be used on; for everyday use or for gaming, it is an important factor because the features and use of each mouse are different.

Remember that for everyday usage of laptops or desktops, when not careful, there is a high tendency of risking your hands to have carpal tunnel injuries. This is why it is also important to consider the fit of the mouse into your hand.

Most noteworthy, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition just may be the best one out of the list; with its innovative design, the cons are all adjustable and adaptable. It is portable and easy to bring, no hassle of needing to set a small space for it in your laptop bag, plus it can easily connect with devices.