Vivaldi browser is updated & it is the best alternative to Chrome today 0


Just in April 2016 Vivaldi launched its first public release , is a browser that currently looks like one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome, if it not the best. Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the founder and former CEO of Opera, is the mind that leads this project and if that ‘s not enough reason to give it a try, maybe you will love that Vivaldi supports Chrome extensions natively .

Today, Vivaldi has released version 1.3 and with this major update includes many enhancements that make the young browser one of the most customizable and interesting on the market.

Personalization and Privacy

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi developers know that many users are migrating from Chrome thanks to all the customization options offered by the browser. Vivaldi 1.3 offers new options in the field and allows you to create your own themes of the window appearance to look truly unique and give your browser the ultimate look you want.

The side of safety, Vivaldi implemented protection in this version to avoid exposing your IP address when you use WebRTC technology to share files or use audio and video chats from the web avoiding some sites to track you. Now you can select an option from the privacy settings to disable your IP transmission for better performance when using WebRTC .

This version also adds support for more gestures, now you have more than 90 different actions you can customize with a mouse from the options in the settings panel.


Vivaldi is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS . It is fast, customizable, lightweight, it supports Chrome extensions, multiplatform and has a large battery of unique features that make it one of the most interesting and innovative browsers today. Maybe it’s time to try something new. And I do not even mention how beautiful the rendering of text on it.



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iPhone 7 Price, Design, Rumors, Release Date & Updates 0

iphone 7

New iPhones are coming soon this year. So the iPhone 7 release date is an interesting issue nearby the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. Get some answers concerning the iPhone 7 price, iPhone 7 specs and iPhone 7 highlights. We have all the iPhone 7 rumors and leaks.

Iphone 7 Rumors in a nutshell:

  • What is this? The following iPhone, inheritor to the — iPhone 6S
  • At the point when is the new iPhone 7 release date / turning out? — September 2016
  • What will the new iPhone 7 price? — Beginning at £539 for 16GB model
  • What’s new in the iPhone 7? — Quicker processor, iOS 10, earphone jack expelled Smart Connector

We have gathered together rumors from around the web. And also making our own particular expectations taking into account what Apple has done before. The recipe is unmistakably working for the organization. So it’s far-fetched it will go amiss from the attempted and tried overhaul prepare this year.

iphone 7

Most recent rumors:

The iPhone 7 will not be known as the iPhone 7 as pointed out by Evan Blass. With few changes expected in the new model, the solid tipster asks that we quit calling the 2016 iPhone- The iPhone 7. All in all, if not the iPhone 7, what will be the next iPhone called? A leaked picture of the gathered iPhone 7 shows what resembles a Smart Connector and a bigger camera module. Though there are rumors about no earphone jack, internals do have one.

Additionally, configuration will be fundamentally the same as the iPhone 6 (and 6S). The Apple will discard the “S” model. The apple will move straight to an upgraded plan for the iPhone 8 in 2017. We’ve likewise recognized some fascinating Lightning frill adds to the no earphone claim- includes a Lightning to earphone jack connector. Another case additionally seems to ensure it. The most recent photograph seems to display that the iPhone 7 won’t have the customary home button.

What will the next iPhone be called? iPhone, iPhone 7 or iPhone Pro?

The following iPhone is generally expected that would be known as the iPhone 7. Following Apple’s typical technique of propelling another model number one year and adding an ‘S’. In 2015 we saw the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so it takes after that in September 2016 we ought to see the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Evan Blass, known as @evleaks, is maybe a standout amongst the most solid tipsters we’ve run over. He is calling for individuals to stop calling the 2016 iPhone the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S

Blass says that it is profoundly far-fetched Apple will use this name. Since the following iPhone is thought to be to a great extent unmixed from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. So if not iPhone 7, what will the following iPhone be called?

The PC Advisor publication group couldn’t choose, with some proposing. It may offer an iPhone Pro to coordinate the iPad Pro line-up. There have been rumors about an iPhone 7 Pro. Others recommending it will be essentially ‘iPhone’.

When is the iPhone 7 Release Date /Turning out?

With the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus released on 9 September 2015, and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on the 9 September 2014. One may think the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will go ahead 9 September 2016. But that will be a Friday. It’s greatly more Apple-like to release new items on a Tuesday. Our perception is iPhone 7 will turn out either Tuesday 6 September 2016, or Tuesday 13 September 2016 – likely the last mentioned.

Model Name


Release Date

June 2007

iPhone 3G June 2008
iPhone 3G S June 2009
iPhone 4 June 2010
iPhone 4 June 2010
iPhone 4s October 2011
iPhone 5 September 2012
iPhone 5s & 5c September 2013
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus September 2014
iPhone 6S September 2015
iPhone 7 September 2016 (Expected)

The most recent reports say that Apple may struggle to take care of demand for the iPhone 7 because of harm brought about earth quack in Taiwain to Apple supplier TSMC’s industrial facilities. In February, reports emerged to suggest that Apple would use TSMC as its sole processor manufacturer. But the earthquake came just days later. Don’t confuse by the supposed Apple iPhone dispatch occasion that occurred on 21 March.


This was for the iPhone SE– the “scaled down” iPhone that is thought to be the first of a few new iPhones dispatching this year. The firm declared the new iPad Pro in a 9.7in size.  As you read the data bellow, you may feel that it’s very little of a redesign for another model number. Then you’d be right, as it appears Apple will spare the huge bounce for the 2017 lead which we accept will be the iPhone 8.

This is because 2017 will stamp the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. So Apple will justifiably need to accomplish something extraordinary.


 The Wall Street Journal says: “Apple plans bigger design changes for 2017, the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Those changes could include an edge-to-edge organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, screen and eliminating the home button by building the fingerprint sensor into the display, according to people familiar with the matter. At a meeting with an Apple official a month ago, one of the organization’s China-based architects inquired as to why the current year’s model did not have a noteworthy configuration change with regards to Apple’s standard two-year cycle. The answer, one individual at the meeting reviewed, was that the new innovation in the pipeline will require some serious energy to actualize. Individuals acquainted with the matter said a few elements that Apple would like to coordinate into iPhones, for example, bended screens, weren’t prepared during the current year’s models.”


iPhone 7 Price:

For its previous two iPhone discharges Apple has kept the evaluating the same. That implies we could see the iPhone 7 costing £539 for a 16GB form (latest update says apple will drop 16 gb version), £619 for 64GB, and £699 for the 128GB iPhone 7.

There may be a 256GB model of iPhone 7, in spite of we suppose that is impossible. On the off chance there is anticipate that it will be well into the locale of £800. We’ll overhaul this article as more rumors become visible.

There is some civil argument about whether Apple will at long last move to 32GB as the most reduced stockpiling limit. In spite of we believe it’s impossible. The firm makes a lot of benefit from capacity, redesigns an examiner suspects something. An IHS Technology investigator has posted on a Chinese online networking website expressing that the iPhone 7 will highlight 32GB of interior stockpiling for the base $199 model.


They additionally added to gossipy saying the phone will have 2GB of RAM like the 6S. The iPhone 7 Plus will get 3GB due incompletely to the double camera setup. One report from an examiner doesn’t make this a done arrangement however IHS has a decent reputation.

The 16GB model has been the standard since 2008. So maybe it about time Apple at last knocks it up. Particularly when it would appear that the OnePlus 3 will accompany 64GB. The latest talk that focuses to a 32GB starter model is from The Wall Street Journal, which cases to “affirm” that the iPhone 7 will get a 32GB base model this year.


Country                      Tentative price of iPhone 7 (16 GB/32 GB)

United States              $800-$900

United Kingdom        £500- £550

Australia                     A$ 1100-A$1200

Canada                        C$ 1050- C$1200

iPhone 7 Designs:

Specs in Detail:

To the extent desire is concerned, there is very little news about it. However since new iPhones’ are dispatched with most recent iOS.

So iPhone 7 will go to highlight new OS i.e. iOS 10. That conceivably will be reported most recent by September 2016. On the off chance we discuss the screen estimate- The gadget is going to highlight somewhat greater screen than its ancestors i.e. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which measure screen size of 4.7 and 5.5 individually.

Thusly the new iPhone will most likely component 5.8 screen size with OLED show. To the extent camera is concern, iPhone 7 will fold enhanced 13 megapixel essential iWatch camera with 8 megapixel optional one.

  • Sapphire Glass –

iPhone 7 Sapphire Glass

According to the last rumor, the new iPhone 7 may include Sapphire glass as opposed to Corning’s Gorilla glass. It is being used as a part of current iPhone. Sapphire glass is basically intense glass. This is not effectively weak and the organization is now utilizing it as a part of iWatch. It would be reasonable choice if Apple chooses to utilize the same glass in new iPhone also. According to Macworld, Apple is supporting Arizona based plant keep running by G T Advanced Technologies. This can be utilized to fabricate iPhone show.

  • Button-less outline –

iPhone 7 design

The organization may omit its customary plan. And think of all new catch less plan for its new iPhone 7. The button-less outline is being utilized as a part of current iPhone. It can be killed totally to give greater space on the screen.

  •  Remote Charging –

The opponents like Samsung are as of now offering remote charging office to the client. It is practically helpful. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can be charged remotely. The clients have welcomed this office. Apple can’t bear to fall behind its adversaries. It bodes well for the organization to permit iPhone 7 charge remotely.

  • Enhanced iWatch Camera –

iphone 7 camera design

To improve the photo quality, Apple may utilize iWatch camera. It will help you take brilliant and clear picture. It’s expected 13 megapixel essential cameras. The iPhone 7 will have the capacity to take essentially better picture through its 8 megapixel optional camera.

  • Water and clean confirmation –

To give greatest assurance to such premium gadget, the California based geek planing to make iPhone 7 Water. In addition dust evidence. As indicated by the rumors, the phone will be waterproofed to iP67 standard. It is implied for making gadgets water and tidy evidence. According to IP67 the gadget wouldn’t get harmed in the event.  It submerged under 1 meter water for 30 mins.

  • OLED show –

The most recent gossipy tidbits propose that the iPhone 7 may include OLED show.  This gadget will not be used LCD. It is right now being used. OLED screen produces its own light to enlighten. However LCD screen requires backdrop illumination to light.

iPhone 7 with new earphone jack?

iphone 7 leaks

At the point when Apple reported the iPhone 5 with another style of force connector it irritated numerous fans. IT might now need to buy a connector to fit their old extras. We could be going to see Lightning-entryway once more with earphone door. It’s reputed that Apple will shake things up at the end of the day with another style of earphone jack leaving more established adornments contradictory. As indicated by Apple Insider, Apple has protected another slimmer earphone jack innovation called D Jack. This has a distance across of only 2mm.

Won’t the iPhone 7 have an earphone jack?

In the event that you believed that was awful news, it collapse – as indicated by Japanese site Mac Otakara. Apple is considering discarding the earphone jack totally empowering the organization to shave 1mm from the gadget’s thickness. The rumors about Apple dumping the earphone jack for the iPhone 7 don’t appear to moderate in 2016, either.

All through the main week of the year, we’ve heard various rumors and reports going down the hypothesis. Yet, by what means will we listen to our music without an earphone jack?

It leaves buyers with two decisions; you can either use remote Bluetooth earphones or you can use a couple of earphones that interfaces with your iPhone through the Lightning port and possibly another, slimmer Lightning port.

The issue with using a Lightning-port empowered pair of earphones is that —

  1. a) These are very costly, with any hint of the Philips Fidelio earphones costing £184.99.
  2. b) It constrains the use of the earphones to the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 as it were.

iphone7 rumors

Obviously, there’s dependably a possibility that Apple will incorporate some sort of connector. That’ll permit clients to utilize their standard earphones. Yet we think this will accompany a substantial sticker price. Be that as it may, how plausible is it accurate to say that this is thought?

Music is a major part of the historical canvas of the iPhone. We’re not very beyond any doubt that Apple would endanger just to shave 1mm off the width of its next iPhone. In any case, with this being said, Apple replaced numerous ports with a solitary USB-C port on the 12in MacBook. All for the sake of shaving a couple of millimeters off its most recent MacBook. Shoppers positively appear to be persuaded that it’s conceivable. However they’ve been rushing to sign an online request in the trusts. They can prevent Apple from vacate the earphone jack.

So far there are more than 280,000 marks in the appeal. Besides, on 20 January much more proof touched base to recommend that the earphone jack port is en route out. Code seen in the iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 programming discharge by Twitter user Chase Fromm peruses “Headphones.have.%sinput.NO.” which could well be a reference to the future expulsion of the port. At that point, on 10 March, the initially implied iPhone 7 case released on the web. At first look, you’d brand it for an iPhone 6s case. Yet a more critical look uncovers that there is no space for a 3.5mm earphone jack. Rather, it would appear that the iPhone 7 will have two speaker grilles along the base.

iphone 7 plus

It’s the primary case spill we’ve seen so far and we expect it’ll be the first of numerous. Regardless of all the above, new info of May 2016 proposes Apple will in fact keep the earphone jack.

A picture distributed by MyDrivers, probably shows the internals of the cutting edge iPhone 7. You can see the earphone jack at the top. It’s practically difficult to tell whether the picture is genuine or fake. Adding to the iPhone 7 won’t have an earphone jack is a scope of Lightning items from Axpro Technology. It had a corner at Computex. The firm is flaunting two sets of earphones with Lightning connectors and a connector. This additionally highlights a DAC. That implies you can connect to a customary 3.5mm jack. Besides, the case for the iPhone 7 appeared the iPhone 7 won’t have an earphone jack. It won’t be the first do as such. That as it may, as Lenovo has their first with the new Motorola Moto Z family.

The iPhone 7 will in actuality have the earphone jack furthermore deliver with a Lightning connector- as assumption of us. A second speaker will highlight there won’t be a stereo setup.

iphone 7 camera

iPhone 7 to accompany Lightning EarPods and remote AirPods?

Obviously, if Apple decides to ditch the earphone jack then it will need to supply some new EarPods with the iPhone 7. The rumors are proposing some Lightning EarPods. That may be like the EarPods we definitely know. It will have a Lightning connector rather than the 3.5mm jack. All the more excitingly rumors say that Apple is taking a shot at AirPods. This will be so totally remote that they won’t have a wire interfacing the left bud with the right bud.

Rather they will both independently interface with the iPhone 7 over Bluetooth. A picture has been drifting around the web in the course of recent days showcasing. This is guaranteed to be a Lightning-empowered pair of Apple EarPods with numerous referring. While this is a long way from affirmation that it’s a fake. It recommends to us in any event this is the situation.

Will it be waterproof?

It’s conceivable the new iPhone 7 could be waterproof. In March 2015 another patent uncovered. Apple is researching approaches to make future iPhones waterproof. Without expecting to trade off on the configuration, a change that never made it into the 6s and 6s Plus.

Rather than adding cover to the outside of the iPhone to cover it from water. The technique would coat electronic segments found inside the iPhone in a defensive waterproof material. It would keep them from getting harmed ought to water discover its way in.

iphone 7 release date

iPhone 7 to ‘dry itself by shooting water out of its speakers’

Waterproofing the internals of the iPhone 7 doesn’t sound sufficiently amazing to you, the following gossip may. A patent was distributed on 12 November. That recommends that the iPhone 7 could be waterproof. Yet it is not by making a watertight body, or still waterproofing the internals. Rather, the patent recommends that the iPhone could dry itself by pumping water or some other fluid. So far as that is concerned out of the gadget by means of its speaker flame singe entirely cool.

The idea is based on modules inside the speakers that can be made pretty much hydrophobic, contingent upon the electrical charge connected to them. When water is recognized in the iPhone, the mobile would be enacted in a manner. It’d move the water crosswise over them. And in the end out of the speaker flame broils. We revere this thought. Yet we’re not holding our breath that this will be highlighted in the iPhone 7 – perhaps the 8 or 9, however.

iphone 7

Wireless charging

New reports developed toward the end of January 2016. That recommend Apple is taking a shot at remote charging in the background. Yet the awful news is this uncommon sort of remote charging. That doesn’t oblige clients to put the phone on a charging isn’t relied upon to touch base until 2017. It’s been supposed that remote charging is coming to iPhone for quite a while now.

However the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus touched base in September with no such element, confusing numerous. One reason the iPhone doesn’t right now offer remote inductive charging. It is on the grounds that the innovation has never already worked through aluminum the iPhone is made with. In any case, in July, Qualcomm uncovered that its most recent remote leap forward now works through metal. So it’s at long last a probability for Apple. Anyway, Apple purportedly needs to make remote charging one stride further.

The inherent e-SIM

Another watch highlight for the most recent iPhone didn’t see in sunshine. But this time might be held for the iPhone 7 is that it will have an e-SIM. Late reports propose – it could be the end of days for the conventional SIM card. It could be with a conceivable presentation of a less difficult alternative.  An e-SIM is an electronic SIM card which would supplant the physical SIMs used today. Rather will choose a virtual inserted proportionate. Rumors propose that both Apple and Samsung are in chat with the GSMA to utilize an institutionalized e-SIM in future handsets.


 What are the advantages of having an e-SIM?

Initially things to start with, it’ll make exchanging bearers simple. It ought to take into account more adaptable windy. The thought is that with an institutionalized e-SIM.  You’ll have the capacity to make a call and switch administrators without inserting a particular SIM card. This thought means windy as well. It’ll be much less demanding to change to a neighborhood system in case you’re hoping to invest a long stretch of energy in a specific thing. You can likewise wave farewell to SIM connectors!

On the off chance that you’ve ever needed to go from a nano-SIM gadget to a miniaturized scale SIM gadget you’ll know precisely what we mean. It may not be the sexiest of components. But rather the iPhone 7 may accompany a 1960mAh battery. That would be a 14 percent expansion contrasted with the iPhone 6S. That is as indicated by OnLeaks. However it’s important that most opponent lead telephones now accompany around 3000mAh.


Glasses free 3D show:

As per Economic Daily News, the iPhone 7 could include a 3D show. However any 3D shows, as well as one that doesn’t require the utilization of those irritating 3D glasses. The site guarantees that Apple inventory network accomplice TPK. It is dealing with an undertaking. It could deliver a without glasses 3D show. However we’re not holding out much seek after this as it’s been done before. It has never done well.





Apple’s response to the Galaxy Note Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+?

There are a few gossipy to recommend that the iPhone 7 could have some new plan highlights. However we’d bring these rumors with a squeeze of salt. The guess around another outline originates from an Apple patent. It was distributed in 2015. It marks what Apple calls “sidewall shows”. Like the showcase found on the Galaxy Note Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+.

The patent points at a future iPhone with a showcase that broadens onto the sides of the gadget. Giving intuitive or touch touchy bits that offer access to slide-to-open usefulness, music player controls, informing readout, called ID, frame controls. The sky is the limit from there. Maybe Apple will choose to impart the sidewall show with the iPhone 7, offering much more screen domain.


iPhone 7 with edge-to-edge show?

The most recent talk originates from an idea video by DeepMind. Of what an iPhone 7 would look like with an edge-to-edge show. Furthermore, it looks really cool. Another idea picture of an iPhone 7 with an edge-to-edge show developed in mid 2016 from It’s somewhat out-there and is unrealistic to be entirely precise. Yet it additionally shows what iOS 10 may look like including a fascinating thought. A portion of the symbols could be greater in a “gadget” style well known to Android users. iPhone 7 rumors. Touch ID coordinated into the screen. Another talk that was started by an Apple patent is that the iPhone 7’s Touch ID unique mark sensor. This is typically arranged under the Home catch. It could be inherent to the whole show. Wiping out the requirement for a Home catch and making space for a bigger showcase without growing the general size of the cell phone.


These gossips appeared to be entirely unthinkable in any case. However it may very well happen. Sonavation as of late declared that it’s figured out how to embed ultrasonic biometric sensors under a Gorilla Glass show. It’s figured out with despite everything it having the capacity to peruse client’s fingerprints.

The organization guarantees that it can even show improvement over the current Touch ID and most other unique mark scanners available by having the capacity to output fingerprints on a finger that is wet, messy or sleek. In spite of it’s not clear which gadgets will be the first to highlight this new innovation, yet we accept it’d either be the iPhone or a lead Android cell phone.


The reports say Samsung Display is as of now chipping away at for the iPhone 7. This is set to put billions in another production line to stay aware of interest and get Apple’s request of together to 45,000 boards for each month.

10 Best Employee Scheduling Software – Free & Paid 0

Staff Management

Tracking employees is probably one of the hard things to do in a company, especially if your company is a huge one with many employees. This has over the years been one of the main challenges of large companies and is not restricted to tracking their employee’s schedule of work, but even leaves. So the company started using the best employee scheduling software which were available or makes customized one for themselves to sort out these problems.

There is software used by companies to help them create, organize, and track the schedule of each employee to have a more hands- on feel for each employee. This kind of software allows the employer to track the vacation leave, sick leave, compensation and even gives alert when there is a conflict.

It also avoids over- scheduling which can help reduce the unproductiveness of a companies work force. It gives the employees the chance to switch shifts, instantly recognizing when there is a conflict in schedule management and easily identify when there are unassigned jobs. It’s not easy to find the best staff scheduling software with the best features available so we pcshouters team did our research to find the best free and paid employee scheduling software which are available and serving with client satisfaction.

10 Best Employee Scheduling Software Reviewed By PCShouters

#1 Cake HR

This scheduling software is designed for small to medium businesses, making it good to be used by start- up businesses. For the employees, it will be hassle-free to take a day off work without the need to go through a lot of paper work and yet will be easier for the employers to know when you are out for the day. You can get a trial account from them easily by registering.

Although, the Cake HR software does not yet have the feature of availability tagging, which will let employees get employers to know their available date and for the employers to give approval.

employee scheduling software


Link : 


  • Company Calendar
    • The company calendar allows everyone to see the general schedule. Also, privacy of the calendar is adjustable, to hide calendar from other members, particularly if there is someone on a holiday.
  • Company Directory
    • To make the employees know each other, and make for a more comfortable and social workplace
  • Secure Document Storage
    • It is the cloud or the virtual storage of all the company’s files; this can be categorized and organized, and allows employees have access and see important documents such as contracts, policies and more.
  • Customise Level of Permission
    • It allows the employer or someone with authority to allow specific employees to have access with certain documents.
  • Full History of Changes Made
    • Employers will see the changes made in files, and those who made those changes.

#2 Sirenum

The Sirenum software is an overall staff management solution, as it helps the company keep track and organize the staff management lifecycle; designed for any company size, from small businesses to large corporations. Thinking of giving it a try? You can contact them directly from their website using a contact form or you can just call or mail them asking for a demo.

This scheduling software is quite flexible when it comes to customizing its interface to appeal to your company’s specific needs. Its system can be setup to give alert when and if there will be breaches in policies and company conditions. The Sirenum software is a mobile application as well, making it quite handy for its employees to know their shifts and tasks easier, and for employers to track whether or not employees are on time and on the job. It’s so easy to use this staff scheduling software and manage everything.

employee scheduling


Link :


  • Analytics
    • The software can help make staff management decisions easier, with its provided analytics and summary reports
  • Employee Database
    • Will help the employer track where their employee is, their attendance and even help anticipate future problems that they may encounter with the staff, and even keep track and control health and safety of their staff
  • Appointment Management
    • Sirenum software helps the company make sure that the right person with the right skills is assigned to the right job
  • Financial
    • For its support on the financial side of the company, the software ensures that the correct data is provided when it comes to calculating payroll, helps in managing budgets, helps with automating invoice development, and more.


#3 Local Table

The Local Table employee scheduling software is best used by companies dealing with events, which will help in managing event details and needs easier. The mobile application version of the software will allow its user an access to all the details of the event they are managing: venue, reports, invoices, and even help schedule the staff for the different events they are catering to.

Local Table will allow all information be shared with staff for the specific event, this includes the description of the event, uniform, venue and will give the event manager enough time to focus on the important details.

best online employee scheduling


Link : 


  • Automated Scheduling
    • Gives the company a hassle- free and will make it easier to assign and schedule event staff, their attendance , and payroll reports
  • Employee Database
    • Will be a great a help for your employees understand directions and guidelines easily, know their shifts, and make communications easier for the team

#4 Shift Status

Shift Status is an employee scheduling software which is compatible and good for use of any type of businesses, as it can easily be setup and can be used for different accounts, and different staffs or shifts. You can create free account with them to check and see how it works.

The software is designed for managers, to allow them to manage their staff anytime, anywhere. Each employee is given their own account for easier access, and tracking and it send out alert whenever there are sudden changes with things.

staff scheduling software




  • Multiple Managers
    • Having different and promoting employees are okay with this software; it also allows them to create and organize schedules
  • Scheduling
    • The software will send off notifications to alert the manager when their attention is needed, maybe some approval on schedule or shift changes
    • Employees can also notify their employer on when they can and cannot work
  • Customized Alert
    • Will notify thru e-mail and in- application is available

#5 Humanity

A simple web- based software, Humanity is an accessible tool for small to medium businesses, may it be the staff, managers and employer; it provides a reliable customer service as the program is prone to functionality falters. This is one of the best free employee scheduling software available out there you can get started just by typing your name and email.

Although it is a simple work force management tool, the software is sensitive and prone to bugs, which can be more costly even if the trial is for free.

employee scheduling software


Link : 


  • Calendar Management
    • This could help recognize possible conflicts in schedules, and shift distributions with it managers; will be able to solve conflicts even before they occur
  • Automated Scheduling
    • It sends off notification to the staff via e-mail and SMS when a new schedule is up or there are changes with it, which helps reduce risks of miscommunication between the team

#6 Quick Staff

The Quick Staff software is a reliable application for businesses in the events and catering industry. It is easy to learn and the speed is good, with a clutter-free interface, making it very much user- friendly, not only for the employer but also the staff. This is also one of the features enriched free employee scheduling software available out there. Using the register button you can easily sign up and try it out.

It allows an easier scheduling process for the team and allows an easy sign up of staff for different events or jobs.

Staff Scheduling Software


 Link :


  • Portable Management
    • Can be used anytime, anywhere by employers to micro- manage their staff and assign them to different events or job listings
  • Automated Scheduling
    • Quick Staff makes sure that staff will be properly assigned to all the events in the list
  • Calendar Management
    • Allows everyone in the team to see schedules, and avoid conflicts by having easy access to communicate with one another
    • Staff Scheduling made easy.

#7 Time 360

The Time 360 software’s client is more on those in the medical field, but still works well with all industries as well; the scheduling process of the software is easy to use and has a good speed for quicker application.

The company has a very responsive and polite support centre, and they are open to suggestions and creative criticism. The free trial do not require the user to then acquire the software, which is convenient and costs less if your staff are not the final list yet.

free Employee Scheduling Software




  • Calendar Management
    • It allows easy communication between the team and to avoid conflicts of shifts; notifies via e-mail, and changes made are instantly sent out to staff
    • Gives permission to multiple managers to monitor and grant scheduling requests to individuals
  • Automated Scheduling
    • Reduces your time for manual scheduling, as it automatically schedules employees with just their name and email provided.
    • It is easier for the management to monitor the staff’s attendance, working time and it helps avoid any overtime work for your employees.

#8 Tix Time

The Tix Time scheduling software is much more hassle- free when compared to the traditional way of scheduling. It eliminates a lot of factors such as paper forms; excel sheets, paper notes, requests, manager’s approval and more in the process. You can create an account with them and free employee schedule to save a vast amount of your precious time.

It is reliable tracking software especially for employees paid by the hour, and it may as well be customized depending on the needs of your business. It is schedule tracking software without the use excel, which can help provide reports as well, which can benefit both the employee and employer.

Best free Employee Scheduling Software




  • Automated Scheduling
    • Reduces manual scheduling time spent on excel, as schedules are sent out via e- mail and SMS making sure that employees do not miss out on shifts
  • Time Clock Software
    • It gives an accurate report when it comes to the working hours spent by an employee for payroll report
    • Shows in report on who came to work ad who did not

#9 My

Instead of micro- managing your employees, the My software will help you focus more on running your business. With it designed for businesses with dynamic schedules, it allows an open communication between management and the staff. The interface is user- friendly that it can be easily navigated to. You can register for a 30 day trial with them and use their scheduling software to manage your employee and communicate with them.

Employee Scheduling Software


Link :


  • Group Scheduling and Automated Scheduling
    • Employees will be notified via SMS regarding their schedule and can also check it through the software’s website and mobile application version
  • Employee Database
    • It provides a database with information or directory of your company’s employees, which will give out a more comfortable and sociable working environment for the company.
    • It will help the company and the team have a more communicative environment when they know each other
  • Reports and Insights
    • The software also collates all data of the time tracking and even leaves of employees to provide an accurate payroll report
    • Reports can help the company recognize future problems and reduce employee expenditure

#10 Altus Dynamics ERP for Human Services

Most employees lack or lose interest with their job when they feel like it had become a routine or they become stuck, nothing helps an employee get going than feeling like they are not tied up to their paper works or office responsibilities; with the Altus Dynamics ERP software, employees are always on- the- go, and will be more productive.

It is mainly designed for community living businesses or the human resources organizations as it helps with managing colleagues, clients, and help track members which can turn into a much visible insight for organization stakeholders.

Best Employee Scheduling Software


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  • Time Tracking
    • It will help the organization track their members and the job done by each one
  • Employee Database
    • It gives a visible insight to stakeholders and even members on who their constituents are
  • Fundraising and Donor Management
    • It helps the company or organization manage donations, events and inventory of donations collected


So this concludes our review of the top 10 employee scheduling software and we hope that you found the best one suits you.