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Best Pool Cue In The World

The beauty and price of a cue often depend on the choice of materials when making the cue butt. If the artistry is exquisite, then even a pool cue can be gorgeously beautiful. Maple wood is commonly used to construct high-quality pool cues because of its ruggedness. Fiberglass and phenolic resin ferrule are also common choices.

You need not burn a hole in your pocket while you are on your quest to find the perfect cue because they come in a variety of price ranges.

Pool cues come in different sizes and features – and you need one that best complements your performance and reflects in your playing techniques.

A Quick Look At 10 Best Pool Cues In The World

Image Cue Name   Cue Brand
1McDermott G206 Check Price McDermott
2Predator 8K03 Check PricePredator
3Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Check PriceLucasi
4Lucasi Custom LZP30 Check PriceLucasi
5Lucasi Custom L-2000JB-1 Check PriceLucasi
6Lucasi Custom LZ2000SP Check PriceLucasi
7Purex HXTE5 Check PricePurex
8Athena Check PriceAthena
9Cuetec R360 Check PriceCuetec
10Purex HXT99 Check PricePurex

The Top Things You Need to Keep In Mind

While searching for the best pool cues do not forget to check the cue’s material, its weight and straightness. The weight must be appropriate to your comfort level. Plus, you would also want to get one that complements your game well. For that, you would need to see just how well you want your pool cue to be straight or whether you prefer getting yourself lightweight or heavy ones. remember, with more weight comes more power.

The cue’s material should be strong, long-lasting and must require less maintenance. Moreover, the budget factor should be kept in mind while buying the best one of your choice.

The ferrule and the tip width is required all throughout the game, so it is necessary to check these two things while looking for the perfect pool cue.

You should always prefer a lightweight pool stick over a heavy one because it raises your comfort level while playing. Another important thing is the shape of the stick if the stick has an exact round shape you can consider it as a good stick.

While purchasing, feel the pool cue in your hand to test its sturdiness and weight. Now you can look through it to understand how straight the shape is. After you obtain the pool stick, you need to test it out on a board and take some practice shots before making the payment. A good quality stick vibrates softly when you strike the ball. The softer the ‘pop’ sound is, the more smooth your playing experience will be.

The Top Ten Pool Cues You Can Buy Today

Here is the detailed review of the ten best pool cues in the world which will definitely help us in making an ideal choice.

1. McDermott G206 G-Series Pool Cue (World Best Pool Cue)

McDermott G206 G-Series

Among the best pool cue sticks out there, it is easy to carry, requires less maintenance and has a lifetime warranty.

The cue comes with 2 pieces of billiard chalk and is equipped with extraordinary features that you need for a breath-taking shot. It has a lifetime warranty and is easily portable. The Cue turns out to be a great definition of durability and functionality. It the most expensive one offered by McDermott as well and certainly the best!

It has a fair performance but has some features that can catch your eyes like its simple and unique design and excellent accuracy. So if you are looking for a pool cue which is portable, then this cue is just made for you.

2. Predator 8K03 Pool Cue

Predator 8K03 Pool Cue

With its extraordinary features, this pool cue grabs the top position in the list of the best pool cues in the world. Predator, the world-class pool cue brand is recognized for producing high-quality cues.

The predator sport two pool cue is a four piece hard maple cue which is manufactured in such a manner that it has tunable Uni-Loc, remarkable shaft with low deflection and adjustable weight system.

This cue is expensive when compared to the other ones, but overall it has a breath-taking design and is made of the best quality materials which make it unique.

3. Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Pool Cue

Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye

Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Pool Cue with Blue Luster Inlays is made from the finest quality of woods and are finely crafted with the best features like stainless steel joint collar, uniloc quick release, and low deflection technology shaft. You also have premium Tiger Everest layered leather tips and a high gloss finish that makes it an excellent playing cue for anyone looking to enhance their game.

While it is one of the most beautiful cues for you to hold, the balance can make it seem very heavy, as they often weight it to counteract the heavy uniloc joint otherwise it is an ideal cue with a lifetime guarantee that turns out to be an asset for your investment.

4. Lucasi Custom LZP30 Pool Cue

Lucasi Custom Antique Stained Birds-Eye Maple and Ebony Pool Cue

Lucasi Custom LZP30 is an antique cue with ebony bands, stainless steel collared Uni-Loc quick release joint, solid core deflection technology shaft, and fantastic design. The cue levels up with its high-quality features along with an eye-catching high-grade finish that protects it from scratching and fading from the harmful sun rays.

The only issue about this cue is its uni loc joint that doesn’t provide a consistent hit if the coupling is not tight. You would see it loosening up after every few hits, and you would have to constantly check for the tightness of the cue.

All in all, it is a great stick that gives you some remarkable, game-changing results.

5. Lucasi Custom L-2000JB-1 Pool Cue

Lucasi Custom Natural Birds-Eye Maple Jump Break Cue

This cue is one of the top rated pool cues with its standard classic shaft and white Irish linen wraps. Lucasi custom cues are a combination of world-class features and amazing craftsmanship.

This cue comes at an affordable price and turns out to be the best break cue for the money. The prime feature about it is the patented wood stabilizer which protects it from additional moisture and warping.

The cue has the best pool cue shaft but the problem is, its ferrule is unthreaded, which makes it a bit less reliable (regarding staying on the shaft) than threaded ferrules. Moreover, it is a distinctive cue that not only looks great but will give a new shot to your game.

6. Lucasi Custom LZ2000SP Pool Cue

Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Cue

The cue has extraordinary features like birdseye maple billiard, wood to the wood uni-lock system, low deflection shaft and magnificent laser-cut precision inlays which makes it one among the best billiard cues in the world. Its premium layered leather tip holds its shape precisely and gives the ball a proper control of a soft tip.

The weight factor turns out to be a con for this cue but its features like affordability, dark styling modern touch makes it sure to impress anyone in the crowd. If you admire classy designed pool cues, then you can definitely try this one because the cue has a remarkable design and features of this stick are also not that bad, overall it is a good rating.

7. Purex HXTE5 Pool Cue

Purex HXTE5 Exotic Maple Cocobola and Bocote with Windowpane Points Technology Pool Cue

Purex HXTE5 is a traditionally styled billiard cue with natural maple and midnight black technology billiard. With its eye-catching features like Cocobolo and Bocote bands, sleek wrapless handle and maple collar joints this cue turn out to be the best from many awesome pool sticks available in the market.

It is mostly liked by the professions, the only problem customers face is that it is not perfectly straight, but if see the price it seems to be the prime one. It is balanced, extraordinarily designed and raises your game to the next level.

8. Athena Pool Cue

Athena Pool Cue

Athena cue has a 28.5” mm shaft with a black collar and silver ring. The cue is light in weight and has a classy, feminine look. It has a good balance and tremendous extension. The material used in the manufacturing process is undoubtedly good and has a world-class quality. The cue will is easily affordable and grabs everyone’s mind with its simple design.

The cue has a slight bow, and it is not truly straight, but the design of this cue is spectacular and extraordinary, which will take anyone’s breaths away. The manufacturer used butt plate and bumper so that you can add the 10-inch extension.

9. Cuetec R360 Pool Cue

Cuetec Maple Billiard Pool Cue

The Cuetec R360 pool cue has a lot to offer. Fall in love with the Tiger Everest 10 layer pig skin tip, the stainless steel joint, or the tubular composite core. It has an excellent tip quality and improved accuracy.

The adjustable weight system makes it the coolest pool cue. The stainless steel ensures its durability and helps it increase the shot control. The Cuetec stick has an extraordinary look and performance and is mainly used for the cross table shots. It is also one of the best budget pool cue under 200 dollar .

This Cue has no specific cons and is highly recommended by the professional players for those who are looking for pool cues with less maintenance and will serve them for a long period.

10. Purex HXT99 Pool Cue

Purex HXT99 Cobalt Crested Technology Cue

This cue has a solid black double-pressed Irish linen wrap, silver rings, appropriate joint collar, and a low deflection technology shaft. It has an excellent grip and a great balance of Amazon reviews. With its fabulous look, it has got amazing ratings. The 12.75mm HXT low deflection technology shaft is layered with leather. It is affordable in cost and has a lifetime warranty to its name, even against warpage.

The only complaints are the (very) slick linen wrap otherwise this cue has the best features along with legacy, tradition and has a big name in the pool cue industry.

Which One Should You Go For?

You need the right pool cues, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Pool cues differ according to features and prices, but if you are looking for a good one, this list can help – it contains some of the best in the pool cues industry today. Depending on your style and comfort, select the right one for you and follow your goals to give this game a new shot.

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