KickAss Torrent Owner Vaulin Was Arrested Today & KickAss is Down 0


Another robin hood of movie and tv show sharing websites admin have been captured. And it is no one other than the Artem Vaulin who is the admin of the most popular torrent site in the world, KickAss torrent. He was apprehended in Poland today and the US requested his extradition. So, if you’re not been able to get access to the website and thinking that there might be some problem. Then my friends I’m sorry to break your hearts as the site has been shut down. We know how it feels when we hear that the companion whom we use every day to download and watch our favorite tv shows & movies getting down. The internet breaks down after hearing the news. Everyone was mentioning how will they spend their time now and get those free movie downloads.

Vaulin is mostly known to people as “trim”. He is the founder and main administrator of the KAT. The big question is why now? Why not before? The answer to the question is that in the past there wasn’t any criminal complaint being filed against the man. But today someone has filed a complaint against him accusing Vaulin one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement. One count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of criminal copyright infringement. Those are some serious charges and according to authorities. The amount of damages he caused is over a billion dollars to copyright holders. And based on those serious charges they requested for extraditing the accused of the convicted crimes.

So what that means for KAT?

These are some serious allegations against the founder and so the authorities had to take some drastic steps beside the arrest of Vualin. They have seized the bank accounts, the servers they were able to locate and also the other domains of KAT’s. But the seized bank account was not related to the person, it was moreover related to the KickAss torrent. So the court granted the permission.

The main website with a couple of its other domains might be down for now. But the dark web version of the website is still running. To dodge from such situation Vaulin used servers from different part of the world. Constantly moving his domains due to lawsuits and seizures in the past. But with his arrest in Poland, it shows that cyber-criminals can do anything they like but there is no escaping from the law.

The most used torrent site in the world might be down for now. But we know that they will again reappear from their death bed like always as we have seen several cases like this in the past. But don’t know if the man can move past his situation.

The Covert Op against KAT

We know, that Vaulin was captured from Poland due to the allegations made against him. But to catch the founder of the most visited illegal file-sharing site took some work. From the criminal complaints, it was revealed that agents went undercover to gather information on how the KickAss Torrent operation worked. They bought ads on the site to collect important data; such as the financial transactions of the site and get the identity of the staffs.

The groundwork laid the foundation of their investigation as they got hold of the email address of the big fish, Vaulin. It was an email address hold by Apple. So the investigators made a plea to the company for their help on the case. They obliged and gave them the proof by giving them a copy of Vaulin’s inbox email. Then the authorities using the MLAT(Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty) agreement got hold of the site’s operations from the bank accounts used to collect payments for ad slots. Those revealed some great details like the existence of a server in their own backyard, which is the US.

The authorities then revealed that Vualin used a Ukraine based front company to run his KAT portal. These are some serious charges and if all are to be true then he will be taken down for good.

Before KAT, the pirate bay was the most used site of this kind. KAT was 69th most trafficked site in the world till now. Even pirate bay never came to that position. Don’t know what will happen, but this could really be the end. To know more keep with us as we will be giving updates.

Here is some good news another domain of KickaAss went up already So don’t worry looks like Vaulin have it all covered for us who can’t seem to leave without torrent.

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