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how to choose a pool cue

As a pool game lover, you surely want to ace your next game whether you are playing with your friends just for fun or in a competitive tournament. It takes years of practice to be an expert player and one of the first things you need to do to make sure of that is to choose the right pool cue for your own. While choosing the best pool cue you must consider a few things first. Today we are going to discuss how to choose a pool cue for your game.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Pool Cue

We have listed all that you need to know while buying your very first pool cue. We all know having the best in budget is always a winner. You go to look for the best but make sure it doesn’t cost you a fortune of money!

How To Choose A Pool Cue For Better Gaming?

  • The Length

First of all, you need to look for the length of the pool cue. A pool cue not meeting the right height requirement according to your needs might limit you showing your full gaming skills. The cue should be fitting with the arm length of yours so that it can assist your game to the fullest. For people having the height between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 5 inches, a 58 inches long two-piece cue can be an amazing choice. People whose height is less than that they can choose cue with the length of 48-52 inches. On the other hand, for taller people, it may be necessary to order for custom-made cues.

  • The Straightness

After checking the height, you might want to be sure if your cue is straight enough. You need to hold the butt of the cue aligning with your eye level and stare down its length. Then, spin the cue around to check the whole surface of it and make sure if everything is okay and straight.

  • The Weight

Just like the length of the cue, weight is another very important thing you need to consider. Cue weight is important as it is directly linked to your shot performance. Most of the players choose weights between 19-20 ounces but there can be other preferences too. A major part of the weight resides in the butt of a cue and you can easily realize if a cue feels overweight or underweight. So, you need to choose one which feels comfortable for you.

  • The Wrap

The wrap is the part of the cue which is held by your backhand while hitting the shots in a pool game. As your backhand needs to be in a comfortable situation while playing, the condition of wrap is important. Wraps come with various options such as leather, linen and many more. For instance, if your hand gets sweaty rapidly while playing, you might want to choose grip instead of bare wood or fiberglass. Depending on which option feels most comfortable, you should choose the kind of wrap.

  • The Tip

Then another thing you need to check while choosing an amazing cue is the tip of the cue. Depending on which kind you choose, (for instance, medium, hard or soft), there is unique difference and benefit. For instance, hard tips are known for durability, but they are not famous for delivering better spin of balls. On the other hand, soft tips can be very good with spins, but they may not provide that performance for a long time. So, based on your use and preference, you need to select the tip type of the cue.

  • The Cue Case

While you should pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects of a pool cue, you also need to consider having a reliable cue case. Pool cue case helps to make sure that your cue has the best safety when it is not being used. A good quality pool cue case can ensure the longevity of the cue and save you from spending money on buying new cues repeatedly.

There are various options in terms of cue cases. You can go on with hard case box which allows for separate chambers to keep the shaft and butt of the cue. These boxes are efficient as they can save the cue from any heavy impact. Soft cases also have the option of separating the shaft and butt, but they are not good with heavy impact. However, you can choose whichever case you want to depend on your budget.

Apart from these key aspects of a suitable cue, you might also make sure that your cue delivers the least vibration while hitting the balls. You need to check how much sound the cue is making when you hit the ball and how much vibration it is creating in your hand. Louder sound means that it creates stronger vibration and softer sound refers to less vibration. In terms of smoothness of your shot, vibration matters a lot. Less vibration leads to better shot performance.

Final Verdict

Therefore, it is good practice to test your cue while buying it and if you are short on budget then you can check our best pool cue under $200 guide. In this way, you can really judge how much sound it is making and how efficient your shots are. Also, you can check other aspects that have been mentioned in this article. I hope you have a great time learning how to choose a pool cue for your better gaming!

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