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Snooker Cue

You may wonder why different types of cues are available in the market. The answer to that question is simple. It’s simply because each type of cue has a different purpose in terms of different formats of the game. Based on the game someone plays, the cue ball’s measurement and the number of balls used vary significantly. In terms of measurement, an English cue ball is measured at 1.875 inches whereas an American cue ball is recorded to have 2.25 inches in diameter. So, choosing the right cue for your game is necessary as it gives you ultimate control over your game. However, different types of cues are also used based on the purpose.

In this article, you will know difference between snooker pool and break cue, how various cues are used and what differences they have among each other. We have a list of best pool cues under $200 dollar which might save you some time while choosing a budget pool cue.

Difference Between Snooker Pool and Break Cue

The first difference between the pool cue and snooker cue is in their cue tips. While a standard pool cue tip is measured at 13mm, snooker cue tip tends to be shorter comparatively and it is measured at 9mm. In addition, pool cues are likely to be heavier than snooker balls because 9-ball pool is heavier comparatively. Also, as snooker tables are large in size and pockets are tighter, the snooker cues are stiffer and lighter. Moreover, while pool players are concerned about throwing and so they choose flexible cues, snooker players concern themselves with an accuracy of their shot and thus, they choose stiffer cues.

Furthermore, the difference between snooker cue and pool cue can be understood from the psychological aspect. In general, pool players want to feel the cue on their grip as they want to hit the cue ball with perfect force and thus, they want pool cues to weight more to the grip. On the other hand, snooker players choose cues weighing more to the tip as they feel the need of staying the cue on their bridge hand which let them hit the shot with accuracy.

Break Cue

Another type of cue known as break cue is different from the above two types of cue in terms of functionality. Break cue is specifically used for breaking shot in the pool game. Some people use the same cue for breaking and playing the game, while others use separate cues depending on different games and uses. The main reason why people use breaking cue is that they want to avoid wear and tear on their playing cues as the breaking needs much more force and it directly affects the cue tip. While some people prefer light cues as they believe it helps them shot faster and efficiently, others choose heavy cues as they think it will help them to deliver powerful shots.

Depending on what kind of pool game you are playing, you need to choose the cue. As each type of cue comes with unique benefits, you might want to go through details about the cue while buying! If you are looking for the best pool cue in the world and our other write up on choosing the best pool cue within your budget. I hope now you get the basic difference between snooker pool and break cue.

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