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Choosing The Best Pool Cue Ultimate Buying Guide

Pool cues come in different brands and models, which makes it a challenge when choosing the best pool cue. Looking at history, a cue was initially called a billiard stick before the 19th century. With the advancement of the game, pool cues come in various features that will reflect on players’ skill level, performance, as well as style.

When looking to buy the best pool cue, it is recommended that you also look at the weight in an effort to boost balance. The material it is made from should be strong, durable, as well as eases maintenance. The weight should be relevant to your comfort. In addition, always identify the best within your budget. To help you narrow down your search, the following are some of the best pool cues for the money.

8 Best Pool Cues Under $200 Judgment / Comparison Table:

NoCue NameCue BrandReviews & PricingEditor's RatingPrice Range
1Players Technology Series HXT30 Pool CuePlayersCheck Price & Customer Review4.8 of 5$140 - $170
2Cuetec Natural Series 58" 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool CueCuetecCheck Price & Customer Review4.4 of 5$120 - $150
3Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool CuePlayersCheck Price & Customer Review4.5 of 5$100 - $150
4Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool CuePlayersCheck Price & Customer Review4.6 of 5$80 - $100
5Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue
RageCheck Price & Customer Review4.2 of 5$65 - $90
6Mcdermott Pool CueMcdermottCheck Price & Customer Review4.2 of 5$60 - $80
7Viper Underground 58" 2-Piece Billiard/Pool CueViper by GLD ProductsCheck Price & Customer Review
$40 - $110
8Viper Graphstrike 58" 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard/Pool CueViper by GLD ProductsCheck Price & Customer Review3.4 of 5$30 - $50
You can now compare the pricing and rating of the best pool cues under 200 dollar using the sorting icon above each table name. Based on the review, our rating, brand wise or price range wise as you wish. Do your own research as well before purchasing any of them don't take it for granted. As every player have their different view on which type of pool cues they like to play with. Based on weight, wood and other.

Editor’s Choice: Top 8 Best Pool Cues Detailed Review

1. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue Review

Best Pool Cues

This pool cue stick is not only designed to boost your shooting capabilities but it is also designed to boost durability. Its premium-grade hard rock maple that is treated with Nelsonite protects it from atmospheric changes so you can always play at any time despite changes in weather. In addition, it will not warp and get affected by moisture. It also offers a firm grip thanks to its 10 layers of pigskin. It will boost your power as well as accuracy by its ability to reduce deflection. Its joint is made from stainless steel, which has easy maintenance as well as boosts durability.

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2. Mcdermott Pool Cue Review

Best Pool Cues Under $200

This pool cue stick is durable, requires little maintenance, as well as easily portable. It comes with a chalk holder so you have everything you need close to you. It also comes complete with 2 pieces of billiard chalk. It is easily portable and easy to store away thanks to its included case. In an effort to ensure that you are equipped with everything you need for a great game and shooting experience, it comes with ideal accessories.

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3. Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue Review

Best Pool Cues For The Money

If you are looking for a break cue, this is one of the best options for you to consider. This cue is looking to deliver on both functionalities as well as durability. This will provide a clear balance between accuracy and power. With a simple easy stroke, you will be able to play with ease. While you may feel the weight towards its back, it allows you to have a great balance when playing. This also plays a great role in boosting stability as well as a better grip when it is in use. Looking at it, it has quality workmanship.

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4. Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue Review

Top 8 Best Pool Cues

This is a great definition of durability as well as functionality. Its premium-grade hard rock maple that is treated with Nelsonite protects it from atmospheric changes so you can always play at any time despite changes in weather. Other than the material it is made from that makes it durable, it also ha stainless steel joint collar with silver ring sets. In addition, it comes with an outer super UV finish that is responsible for preventing warping as well as prevents moisture invasion. You get to enjoy extra smooth stroke thanks to its pro taper and French cue wax on its shaft. To keep it looking good as new, it will not fade or chip.

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5. Viper Graphstrike 58″ Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard/Pool Cue
Top 8 Pool Cues Under 200 Dollar

If you are an intense player looking for a pool cue to serve you in the long-term, this cue is made from high strength fiberglass. This material also plays the role of preventing warping. You will experience a smooth glide as well as a steady and firm grip thanks to the addition of a pro taper. When taking a hit, it will provide a more consistent grip on the ball because of its leather tip. This is the best cheapest pool cue on our list. So if you are looking for something cheap and just to get yourself going on pool board and learn as you become more experience then this should be your choice.

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6. Cuetec Natural Series 58 inch Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue Review

best billiard cues

This is for the pool player who is looking for an easy maintenance pool cue that will serve them in the long-term. It is also ideal for family use considering that it is weight adjustable. With this, different people can use it without straining. It is made from a combination of durable materials: a tiger everest10 layer laminated pigskin tip, as well as a grade A shaft. To top it up, it has a composite coating that ensures your cue remains straight. This prevents bending or denting. In an effort to ease maintenance, it is scratch resistant.

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7. Players Technology Series HXT30 Pool Cue Review

best premium pool cues

Players who are looking for a durable, strong, sturdy, as well as functional pool cue will appreciate the features on this model. Its premium-grade hard rock maple that is treated with Nelsonite protects it from atmospheric changes so you can always play at any time despite changes in weather. It other advantages include low deflection which plays a key role in promoting accuracy. The pigskin on the tip provides a super grip when shooting.

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8. Viper Underground 58″ Billiard/Pool Cue Review

best pool cues under 100

This is the ideal pool cue for those who are about functionality as well as beauty and presentation. In reference to functionality and durability, this pool cue is made from hard Canadian maple wood with a leather tip. Other than durability, this boosts accuracy as well as offers a firm grip. To boost a firmer grip, it features a traditional rubber bumper. In an effort to help ease transportation, it comes as a two-piece billiard cue, which also makes it easy to store away.

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Things To Consider Before The Big Purchase:

The above are some of the best pool cues the market has to offer. It features the best pool cues for beginners as well as pros. Depending on your goals and budget; you will be able to identify the ideal pool cue to boost your shooting experience.

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